12:00 AM, 02 17, 2016

1 in 4 employees state ‘their boss’ is reason for leaving

A study conducted by OnePoll surveyed 1000 employed UK adults and asked them to discuss their current boss. The results are quite surprising with more than four in 10 (42%) employees  saying they have quit a job because they had a bad boss.

The stats also revealed that

·         41% of employed Brits feel like their boss doesn’t appreciate everything they do

·         16% admitted to not liking their boss - and 30 people out of the 1000 surveyed confessed to actually ‘hating’ them!

So what does a good boss look like?

The survey not only identified ideal celebrity bosses – Richard Branson (33%)  Bill Gates (22%) and Philip Schofield (20%) were the top 3 -  but it also took a sample of the most common traits that a great boss would have. Approachable, Respectful, Supportive and Appreciative were all words that came up time and time again.

We think that showing appreciation is the most critical trait because it can stem from anywhere in the business down, or up!

A culture of appreciation makes going to work (and staying with the same employer) far far easier than staying within a business where hard work is never credited.

So what are your options for saying ‘thanks?’

Sometimes, a thank you is all you need. Some people prefer to be publicly rewarded, whilst other people may prefer to be thanked in a one-to-one meeting or via a card, email or note.

It’s worth saying that it’s often nice to offer tangible rewards!  As the global leader in gift cards and eCodes, we’ve seen first hand the benefits of employers offering either an ‘out of the blue’ gift card delivered to staff as a reward, and we’ve also seen the delight that comes when an employer implements a reward platform – where employees can select their own discounted gift cards and benefits.

So if you want to be a better boss, start with a thank you – and go from there!

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