12:00 AM, 08 25, 2016

15 Sales Team Incentives To Boost Morale

If your sales team is as flat as a pancake, don’t fear. You just need to shake things up! If your team is used to the day in, day out same old, then a few incentives can have a huge impact. You might want to do some of these as treats for the whole team, and some as rewards for behaviour and results. What have you got to lose?

1. Finish Early / Start Late

If you can’t offer flexi time but you want to reward people, why not drop an extra half hour off their day?

2. A full day off

Imagine the absolute joy of being told on a Thursday that they can have Friday off, paid. They will probably remember the day for years.

3. A trip away as a team

You can do the ‘corporate thing’ and decide to do some team activities, sales seminars or similar – or you can go to the beach.

4. Extra holiday

A great sales incentive is an extra day of annual leave. It doesn’t make too much difference to the business, but again, it’s so impactful.

5. Gift cards

Get some high value gift cards and low value gift cards, and reward them for something different each week. Week one could be calls made, week 2 could be upselling. This creates high excitement levels on the sales floor.

6. A pub lunch

Take the team, or your sales champions out for a sales lunch and treat them to anything they fancy. Make it a monthly activity and people will start increasing their performance. (Beware – they will probably go for the lobster.)

7. Casual working

Do you make your sales team hit the phones in a suit? Make a week of smart casual dress and see if that perks up the team morale.

8. Bring In a Pro

Do you know a killer sales person who could give an inspiring speech to the sales team? Ask them to come in for an hour one morning and get them all pumped up!

9. Breakfast on you

Don’t underestimate the lure of bagels and Nutella to get people at work on time. If your team have been hanging around the carpark until bang on 9am, serve a communal breakfast that ends at 8.45am, or have ‘at desk bites’ for the early birds.

10. After hours pizza

If you need people to put in extra hours, show it’s appreciated. Get a few pizzas in for the stragglers who are in past 6.30pm. Do it a few more times. Wait for word to get out – if you need people to stay longer, they’ll know there’s something in it for them.

11. Better tech

Sales people like to have the best tech for a slick experience, especially if they are on the road. Why not treat them to a better phone or laptop upgrade when it’s due, based on their performance?

12. Team sports

If the team are bickering over commission and at each others throats, give them an outlet. Some fun competitive games at lunch or after work can help relieve some tension and stress.

13. Peer to peer eCodes

If you want team morale, allow the sales team to thank each other with eCodes. Ask employees to gift a value to each person that deserves a reward, and get them to provide a qualifying reason. Managers can approve or deny each request, so budgets are restrained and the system isn’t gained!

14. Dinner out with senior staff

If someone is just starting out, a lunch or a dinner with the senior team or MD is a nice reward and shows a level of respect and interest. Consider seeing who in the senior team would be open to a collaborative lunch.

15. A physical gift

Having a £100 gift card or a £50 bottle of champagne in line of sight throughout the day is a great metal stimuli! Why not use sticky notes to add named labels of the ‘front runners’ to the prize itself? This allows minute by minute competition to occur and provides a fun incentive!

You know your sales team! If you know they would prefer a treat for a Gift card to take them wild water rafting to a day out in the pub – listen to your instincts! Incentives only work when they are desirable, achievable and when they provide results for the business – it’s a two way street!

If you’re interested in an ongoing Gift Card reward platform, or Gift Cards for spot rewards – speak to me! Call today on 01709303103 or email edith.batten@svmglobal.com

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