12:00 AM, 06 27, 2016

15 Surprising Business Uses For Gift Cards

We all know that gift cards make a quick and easy gift for everyone from your neighbour to your niece – but what about in business? We think gift cards are more adaptable than just something you send for a birthday. Take a look at these ideas!

  1. Welcome new team members with a full welcome pack and a small value of a gift card to purchase anything they might need – a book, some stationary, or something fun for their desk. How memorable is that?
  2. You can use Gift Cards to motivate a sales team for hitting a target or a KPI. Don’t make it too easy! Make sure to do a big reward ceremony – or encourage extra team bonding by hosting it at the local after work! (hic!)
  3. You can use gift cards to incentivise  the acquisition of market information, whether it’s for classic market research or an online survey. If you’re launching a new product this is invaluable and the low cost of gift cards far outweighs more traditional methods.
  4. A bad customer experience needs fast attention. Gift cards or eCodes can be sent by way of an apology and are typically much quicker than other gifts.  
  5. Why not reward partners, or people in your affiliate networks with Gift Cards?  
  6. Reward good behaviour in your business by offering gift cards for an attitude you would like to see more of. Whether it’s someone who has stayed late to see a supplier, someone who organises every office get together or the person who is always cleaning the kitchen whilst the kettle boils – send a company wide thanks and see more of the same behaviour roll in!
  7. Whether you are a B2C, B2B or eCommerce business, referrals are key to acquiring more business. Use gift cards as a reward when someone recommends you, or when they leave a positive review.
  8. Gift cards can also provide a great incentive for sales. Ask customers to spend over a certain amount to access a gift card of their choice.  This is an ideal way to upsell with a benefit for the customer.
  9. Events and exhibitions can be dull. Spice up your pitch with a gift card raffle, or a prize of a gift card for the first booked demos of the day. You’re bound to get results!
  10. Gift cards can also be used as an insurance replacement. This is a bit niche – but worth mentioning, if you’ve ever had a disaster, you’ll know how much better it is to get an instant gift code instead of waiting for a cheque.
  11. A Gift Card on a work anniversary provides the gift of choice for the recipient – no more undrinkable wine!
  12. If you want to raise money, use Gift Cards as a raffle prize to help collect funds towards your charity of choice.
  13. Gift Cards can be used for recruitment too. Ensure that you add to your website that gift cards are part of the package as an employee benefit so potential employees know you reward  regularly
  14. You can give Gift Cards in place of traditional Christmas employee gifts, saving time and money in research and delivery costs.
  15. Gift cards are easy to store, so keeping them in your office is easy – ideal for on the spot rewards!

Have any of these got your attention? Gift cards make good business sense! Why not speak to us today about a bulk order or a individual order? We can provide gift cards for 100's of retailers across the world!

Email hello@svmglobal.com today or call 01709 303102

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