10:00 AM, 10 11, 2017

3 ways to use gift cards for customer care

You might be used to gift cards being something you buy for your own family or friends, or maybe you use them at work to reward employees, help with marketing or incentivise sales. But what about customer care and customer service? It could make sense for you to look beyond the norm and start to use gift cards in this context too!

Here are 3 reliable ways to use gift cards in customer care strategies.

1. As a thank you gesture

Businesses can thank their customers through gift cards, a customer care and marketing strategy that often goes overlooked. Whether you are an SME, small business or global, there is always a way to send a thank you reward to your VIPs. Take a look at your CRM and identify the best customers, your most loyal or your big spenders and start saying thank you with a gift card!

2. Accept your mistakes through gift cards

The relationship between a business firm and the customers need to be transparent and strong. There may be some circumstances however when the customers may be not very happy with the services offered – we all have these moments, during peaks season, times of training or disruption or one of those ‘bad weeks’ when it all goes to pot! However, the company can make amendments by sending gift cards to the loyal customers or disgruntled new customers. These gift cards could even be instantly received in the form of digital eCodes, and could be for any brand that’s relevant. Instilling confidence in the service provided by the firm can be worth thousands in the long haul - remember, a negative review given by the customer can act adversely for a firm's reputation for many, many years.

3. Surprise your customers with gift cards

Everyone loves surprises, especially loyal customers. In marketing, we say that you want a ‘brand advocate’ – people who love your business and would rave about you. What better way to increase the chance of a real, genuine relationship with customers than to send surprise gift cards? This could be on an anniversary – counted in years of association or on birthdays or another relevant date. These small gestures can go a long way in attracting customer advocacy – another powerful customer care strategy.

These are just a few of the ways any business can use gift cards in their customer service strategies! But what to choose? Here at SVM Global – we want to help! We can guide you through the 100’s of brands of gift cards on offer and help you select the best brands for your customer care strategy.

SVM Global is the leading provider of gift cards for business, offering businesses of all sizes the ability to purchase gift cards and digital eCodes in bulk. Choose from 100's of retailers, and order speaking to a friendly advisor. To find out more, browse our portfolio here!

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