12:00 AM, 09 08, 2016

4 Ways To Improve Your Business Insight With Gift Cards

An Incentives Magazine study showed that 8/10 employees report preferring gift cards to any other kind of incentive – they offer choice, are easy to use and feel valuable. If you want to improve your business, harnessing the power of a reward might be the secret!

You might think that staff engagement involves a lot of cots for a return in something intangible or un-trackable like ‘happiness at work’, but by choosing the right things to reward you can grow and change your business.

Make a bulk order of Gift Cards, or a code that can be exchanged for multiple retailers (learn about Preference) and then put your workforce to task. You’ll be surprised at how a small motivator can provide big results.

Task 1: Take Our Ways Of Working & Suggest Improvements

To be successful you need the right people, the right processes and the passion. The reward takes care of the passion in the short term, and by involving people on the front line you can gather new ideas for improvements to systems, software or ways of working that can help the company reach long-held goals in an efficient manner.

Task 2: Delight a Customer without spending more than the cost of a stamp

People buy products and services. Ask your workforce to delight a customer and to demonstrate how they have done it. Their customer might even be internal – someone in another team, or a stakeholder in the business. Everyone has a customer they can delight and the ‘cost’ element is small enough to make it creative. They might implement a new follow up call, connect with previous customers via email or to send a handwritten card of thanks. They might buy some confectionary or cleverly, multiply the cost of a stamp by all your customers and come up with a budget for a party, networking event or a launch event. Some of these ideas might be so good they form part of your new customer journey!

Task 3: Listen to a customer and share what you have learned

Listening is key. Task your team to win a gift card by gathering insights. They might be on the phone making calls, emailing customers or learning about them online through studies and surveys. What can they tell you? Do they hate the delivery times you have or wish they were called more often? Would they recommend you? This can not only start as the basis for a case study in B2B, but it can help marketing gather new powerful ideas for campaigns that resonate with your customers and prospects.

Task 4: Make or suggest ways to make the workplace better for everyone who comes here

This is intentionally open for interpretation. Employees might decide to litter pick or bring in a bench for outside. They might want to organise the reception to make it better for guests. Perhaps they will suggest a no email after 6pm policy to enhance work-life balance. Maybe they will suggest a new team structure that divides the workload fairly and efficiently.

To learn more about gift card incentives for internal or corporate use, speak to us! We are the leading provider of gift cards and eCodes on a global scale. Let us provide you with the cards you need to gather some huge insights and make some amazing business changes.

If you’re interested in an ongoing Gift Card reward platform, or Gift Cards for spot rewards – speak to me! Call today on 01709303103 or email edith.batten@svmglobal.com


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