09:16 AM, 09 02, 2015

5 Tips on designing an effective website for your business

It has been an exciting summer here at SVM global with plenty of developments taking place, our re-branding being our largest ever undertaking. With this change to our brand, we needed a new revamped website to cater for all our new clients worldwide, and illustrate our fresh image.

Highlighted below show the changes we implemented and some top tips for what your business could perhaps also consider when designing a new website.

1. Keep it simple!

Our number one goal with this new website is to make the browsing

experience a pleasurable one. We felt our homepage in particular on our previous website contained too much content and was overcrowded with information so we combated this issue with our improved minimalist layout, with the information much more organised and therefore more readable and attractive to the eye.

2. Make use of relevant pictures and icons

Pictures are a fantastic tool to help your audience find what there looking for upon first their first visit to your site. As the internet is such a dynamic medium, we have naturally become much more impatient when browsing online, and need all the information we want immediately without too much effort required. studies have shown that the human eye naturally adapts faster to visuals much more than text, thereby implementing more relevant imagery can help to curb those pesky paragraphs.

The keyword here is - RELEVANT - your imagery must clearly symbolise your point. For example on our website under the ‘retail services’ section we have a small shopping trolley as the icon.

3. Maintain a consistent design

Throughout your website each page must be unique in terms of content, but design wise, try not to divert too far from your standard brand guidelines. This generally includes using too many primary colours that does nothing but desaturate your brand to your audience and makes your site look messy and unprofessional. Think of toppings on a pizza, you can have at your disposal many fantastic ingredients, but using too many on one base will negatively effect the overall taste. Sometimes less is more.

4. Optimise for Mobile

This list isn’t ordered by importance, but if it was, then optimising your website for mobile will surely be up there as a top priority.

Over the past few years mobile has caught up and surpassed desktops as the most common platform for accessing the Internet. So right at the beginning of developing your site, whether your B2B or B2C, make sure mobile is at the forefront of design.

5. Don’t go overboard with SEO

This relates back to the first tip of keeping things simple, many people make the mistake with SEO of over clogging their website with as many keywords as possible in order to attain a high ranking on search engines. However search engines are clever enough to see through these attempts and will treat your website like an email platform treats spam, unimportant and out of sight.

It is important to remember that at each stage of designing your brand spanking new website you should always think of your audience, and have their best interests in mind. A website that adheres to this, will without question be a success for your business.

Callum Mitchell

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