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5 Ways To Make Giving A Gift Card More Special

You’ve selected a Gift Card for an employee reward, a sales incentive or as a thank you for a job well done. The only thought you have now is how to gift the gift card in a way that’s special, memorable and fun.

We have a few ideas to get you started….

1. Accompany It With A Playlist

Create a playlist using an online system to accompany your gift card is a great way to add a humorous touch, and this works especially well if you are sending an eCode. What about:

  • Music to work to (Working 9 – 5 Dolly Parton)
  • Champion Songs (Bill Conti, Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme)
  • Thank you songs (Dido – Thank You)
  • Sales songs (You Gotta Want It — Roberta Gold)
2. Make a Thoughtful Package

Give your Gift card as part of a parcel and they have even more impact. You can use cellophane to wrap up the items – it makes the gift physically huge!

  • Restaurant Gift Card: Number/ business card for baby or a dog sitter, map to restaurant, a copy of the menu, after dinner mints, bottle of wine and 2 glasses
  • Holiday Gift Card: Flip flops, beach towel, sunglasses, sun cream and a luggage tag
  • Coffee Gift Card: Mug, marshmallows, spoon, a paperback/ magazine and a sauce
  • Spa Gift Card: Body cream, ear plugs and eye mask, small nail varnish or muscle rub and a magazine
  • Clothing Gift Card: Shopping list notebook, pen, insoles for shoes, map to nearest shopping centre
  • Book Gift Card: Page marker, pen, sticky notes, clip on reading lamp, bag of snacks
  • Cosmetics Gift Card: Make up bag, cotton buds, small mirror compact
3. Tell Them Why They Deserve It

A Gift Card has even more impact when it comes with a note. Don’t forget to say what it is – e.g. a £20 Gift Card (in case the value isn’t printed on it) and what it’s for. For example you might want to say “I know you love bringing in cakes for the whole team – we thought you might appreciate this chocolate tasting experience!” You can be creative with how you relate the gift to them.

4. Capture the moment

Depending on the personality of the recipient, it might be nice to get in the habit of taking a photo of the recipient with their Gift card as a memento. You can then post these on social media or create a website or a physical wall in your office that shows the ‘stars of the month’.

5. Make a Ceremony

You might like to keep a bulk store of Gift cards on hand so you can make a ceremony out of Gift Card giving. Here are a few ideas.

  • Run a quiz and reward people for their knowledge of your company
  • Keep an ideas box and reward the best business ideas
  • Run a sales or promotional incentive and give Gift cards out at a specific time, for example, the last day of the month
  • Make a raffle from everyone who has put in overtime, or gone the extra mile and draw at random each month.
  • Tie in gift giving with your company presentation or monthly catch ups and encourage managers to have a budget to reward with.

Gift cards are an incredible gift that provides the recipient with real choice! Don’t just rely on an envelope – try and think outside the box and make sure every time you give a Gift Card!

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