12:00 AM, 03 15, 2016

5 Ways To Spring Into Great Performance

It’s spring and it’s key to ensure that your workplace has ‘brushed out it’s cobwebs’ too. What changes can you make to ensure that your business performance is spring loaded?

Ensure You Recognize High Performers
A conversation with your staff should highlight, if you aren’t already aware, who are your highest and lowest performers. Those who need more support should be given more training and encouragement, which you are probably already focused on. But what about the best performers? They could probably do with more recognition for going the extra mile. If your aim is to keep staff turnover low, reduce costs, and stop you from losing talent to competitors, then recognition is absolutely key. Speak to managers about how you reward great talent now, and if those rewards are working.

Invest In Sales and Marketing
If you’re running the same promotions you’ve done for the last 2 years, it’s time to change. Sales and marketing is an area of the business that shouldn’t stand still. Incentives are an age old art of marketing, but are you using the right ones? Your standard 10% summer sale and 15% Black Friday deals could be stale – so see how you can invigorate your channels with new incentives and offers.

Create Healthy Competition
Sales staff thrive off healthy competition, as can many other areas of the business. 3rd parties, re-sellers, affiliates, even external agencies can all be motivated by the carrot of a gift or a reward. Set goals based on quality, not quantity and monitor the results closely.

Improve Communication
How many great ideas and projects fall down because of poor communication? If you have a culture of back to back meetings, work well over 40 hours a week and these game changing ideas still aren’t being actioned, you might need to invest in a complete communication overhaul. Lunchtime brainstorming sessions, work from home days, encouragement to visit seminars and networking events, a ban on email communication after certain times, or even internally – what changes could you make?

Invest In Your Talent
Invest in every aspect of your talent pipeline of both current and future staff. Take an inventory, and look at what your people need and who the superstars are who would leave your business on it’s knees if they left. Then take a look at what rewards they get at present – how can you improve their quality of life? It could be extra training, improved team communications, flexible leave, childcare, the option to work from home a few days a week, monthly incentives or a gift card to their favourite shop on completion of a project. The nature of employee loyalty has changed and taking into account the needs of those who work for you is no longer just nice for them, but necessary for your business. Within reason, see if you can find a way to give people what they want (which as a fringe benefit, will also help support greater productivity.)
A business is like a family – and it can be dysfunctional or harmonious. Whether you work in HR or marketing, or run the business –you want to ensure that teams really are engaging, that 3rd parties are giving their all to your channel marketing and that the foot is on the throttle of your business.

Managing your employees and keeping them happy isn’t easy. But neither is constantly finding talent to replace those who’ve left. New online review sites like Glassdoor mean it is more critical than ever to manage your external reputation, so see how you can start with your existing employees today.
Our platforms allow you to send instant rewards for work well done. Control the spend, the budget and the recipients, and manage large gift card orders with ease.
We have gift cards and eCodes for hundreds of retailers all over the world, and we can build a portal that fits your business needs. If it’s time to spring into action, speak to us today.

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