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7 Reasons to choose gift cards this Christmas

Your business is probably already ramping up to a busy Christmas period. It may seem way too early to consider gifts, cards and tinsel – but preparing by ordering Gift Cards takes a huge weight off your mind! If you usually spend money on overtime, deal with staff taking a high volume of sick days or find it a hassle to order hampers, turkeys and other gifts – consider a Gift Card!

Interested in how to use them? Take a look at 7 great ways to make Gift Cards work for you.

  • 1. Encourage overtime with gift cards

If Christmas is the peak season for your business it makes sense that all your efforts are put into great service and speedy delivery of whatever you offer. Overtime is usually paid with additional salary, but at this time of year, Gift Cards represent a great way to provide employees with presents that they can gift – saving then time on shopping! With a range of supermarkets, this can also make the Christmas food shop a breeze.

Let them choose to bank up their overtime payments into a fund that can be exchanged for Gift Cards, or purchase a reloadable gift card and add on extra payments to the balance. We work right up until the week before Christmas, and we can also offer tracked delivery.

  • 2. Encourage sales performance with Gift Cards

If you expect a great push towards the end of the year- consider an incentive. Whereas cash is a great incentive, studies show that a note ends up in a wallet or purse and is soon absorbed into the daily costs of living. A Gift Card is not only more memorable, but it represents a challenge to your employees! You could offer them a choice of gift cards, or pre purchase a range of loaded gift cards. We offer everything from cards for holidays and clothes to shoes and spa days – so you can make a range of competitions and incentives to last you through to the New Year.

  • 3. Give a meaningful Christmas gift with Gift Cards

If you already purchase small tokens for your employees at Christmas, you’ll know that it’s hard to spend the right amount, store, wrap and deliver the gifts. On top of that – choosing something that feels thoughtful and valuable can be a real struggle! Gift Cards are different. You can select any value for any retailer, and you can order gift cards for your whole workforce in one transaction. Just send us an excel file with the details and we can help. We also offer delivery to your office, or the recipient’s home, great for field workers.

  • 4. Incentivise health days / time keeping with Gift Cards

Towards the end of the year sniffles and flu can bring down your employees. After a year of hard work, and a lot of tasks to do around the home, some could be forgiven for taking off a few days – even if they could probably still make it to work! It’s amazing what an incentive for healthy days can do. Your employees could get a gift card reloaded with an amount each week or a gift card on successful completion of the Christmas period without illness. This also works really well for time keeping!

  • 5. Treat partners with Gift Cards

If you send out hampers or crates of wine to partners or business affiliates, then a Gift card will make your life 100 times easier! Not only do you save on shipping, wrapping and storage, but you can even select personalised messages, or Preference, a card that allows you to gift the value of a Gift Card that can then be exchanged with 100’s of retailers. The issue with a hamper is that it is a set value. That means each partner gets the same gift, regardless of how great they have been!

Gift Cards are flexible. You could give a value to a partner that’s a real VIP, and another lower value to a partner that perhaps hasn’t made as much impact on your business this year. It’s more inclusive, and it can even result in MORE business! A coffee Gift Card might mean a meeting in the new year – something that will definitely be worth the spend.

  • 6. Reward internally with Gift Cards

Great businesses thrive on employees that feel respected. Why not introduce Gift Cards as a way for employees to gift one another for great work? This is not only a great way to end the year on a high and get morale up when you need it most, it can also be a great alternative to a Christmas party if budget restraints have meant this won’t be happening this year. Make a real ceremony of the gifting and rewards and see the excitement levels go through the roof!

  • 7. Care for Customers with Gift Cards

If your service levels suffer dips in the period of Christmas, then Gift cards can help. Temp workers, new processes and high volumes can mean missed orders or other incidents. Allow your customer service team to have a range of gift cards ready for apologies. Not only does this make the New Year easier when you return, but it also results in happier customers who are more likely to shop with you again.

Are you ready to order Gift cards? Beat the rush and order today. AS experts in Gift Cards for business we can offer you 100’s of well known retail brands. We can also offer discounts for large volume orders. Why not take a look at our Christmas Portfolio?

Alternatively email hello@svmglobal.com or call 01709917278

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