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7 Ways to Celebrate Christmas at Work

Winter is in full swing now; it’s dark, it’s cold and it’s most likely raining. It can be hard to keep your employees motivated at this time of year, but that’s where your Christmas spirit can come in. Don’t be a bah humbug, bring some festive joy into the office. A shocking 35% of employees said that their employer didn’t do anything special for Christmas. You might not have the budget to give bonuses to everyone, but there are still loads of things you can do.

Christmas Party

Let’s start with the most obvious choice, a Christmas party. Whether you want an all-out Christmas celebration or a civilised meal out, a seasonal get together can be a great way to build winter morale and relationships between the different departments. Of course, you could rummage around for last year’s tinsel in the office, or, you could go all out and mix things up this year with a themed event such as a mascaraed ball or fancy dress. If you’re struggling or in doubt, just ask your team how they feel. It might seem obvious, but 60% of employers don’t ask their teams how they’d like to celebrate.

Christmas Jumper Day

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate without breaking the bank, why not organise a Christmas jumper day? The shops are full of the festive jumpers so there is plenty to choose from; you could even mix things up and have a competition of who can find the ugliest one. Did you know that there is actually a National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day? It’s held every third Friday of December, that means this year it’s on the 21st.

Christmas Decorations

You can’t get into the Christmas spirit without adding a few baubles and lights around the office. Without dipping too far into your pockets, you can transform the work area into your own winter wonderland. If the budget is really tight, there is always the simple yet effective paper snowflake solution, who doesn’t love making a few snowflakes? To get everyone involved in the decorative spirit, why not organise a Christmas booth competition. The rules are simple really, whoever creates the best decorated booth/desk wins.

Secret Santa

A small gift exchange can be a great way to raise spirits and increase peer to peer recognition. I’m sure most of you know how it works, but I’ll quickly explain the outlines for any of you that are unsure. All of the participants place their names in a hat and then you take it in turns to pick out your match. You then keep who you got as a secret (hence the game’s name) until you exchange gifts at a set date. To avoid any upset its always best to decide a budget before you start.

Early leave at Christmas

Everyone wants to spend time with their family during this time of year. Answer their wish list and let them go home a bit earlier over the Christmas period. It might seem like a small gesture, but with minimal impact to the business, it will bring smiles to everyone’s face and help improve your employee’s work life balance.

Give something back

Chances are that your employees will have a lot of fun get togethers and tasty meals throughout the merry season. As an alternative to the more conventional celebrations, you could all work together to give something to those less fortunate. This might involve getting together to collect donations or you could have a team day out at the local homeless shelter.

Seasonal Rewards

What better way to round off the end of the year than rewarding those employees that have worked hard for the company throughout the months. To make it even more special you could host an awards evening and present their prizes in grand style. Not sure what to get them? It can be hard to choose gifts that everyone will like, but you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift for everyone with a Gift Card or eGift. Click here for our full range of Gift Cards.

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