03:44 PM, 08 12, 2015

8 Reasons to Reward your staff

It’s a difficult question in business. When do you reward your staff? If you reward too frequently, will this deter your staff – make them reliant on rewards rather than intrinsic motivation? Unlikely. Actually, research suggests rewards can only enhance this motivation. It’s a simple equation really. Intrinsic motivation + reward = intrinsic & extrinsic motivation.

Perhaps more worrying is the alterative. What happens when you don’t reward your staff? What happens when your top team member – the one who starts early every day, the one who will give you 100% effort – decides to leave?  Are you worried? Yes, I would be too. So, let’s look at some things you can reward and recognise.

  1. Start with the small things that often go unnoticed! Everyone has a desire to be appreciated for their efforts. What happens to the employee who smiles at everyone each day? And the employee who will go out of their way to make you a cup of tea? Or even the employee who will recognise when their colleague is upset and ensure they are sensitive to their friend’s feelings, maintaining and supporting a positive team. Surely this should be rewarded. Peer to peer recognition is becoming increasingly common. SVM Global offer gift cards to perfectly fulfil this need. Colleagues can reward their fellow work friends with a gift card every month, when they feel their team member has done something great!
  2. Service awards are great for employee retention. If you’re proud of your staff talent, make them proud to be a part of your company. Reward their service – give them the gift of choice. SVM Global’s Preference award is perfect for this!
  3. Reward the staff member who stands out and goes the extra mile. The power of employee of the month schemes should never be underestimated.
  4. If a staff member tries working harder – constantly self-improving – reward this. Compare their current performance to their previous. Don’t compare them to another employee. Remember, all people are unique. So compare their current attainments against previous to measure progress.
  5. Some employees dedicate their free time to continue work. They wilfully work out of hours. If this is not recognised, they may get disheartened. Why not encourage further work with a reward? After all, they’re giving up their time without pay.
  6. Innovation! If your staff member comes up with a creative solution, why not reward it? Remember, innovation grows your business, after all.
  7. Hitting or exceeding targets – another area you can reward. Think about Jill. She is your number one employee. She always excels with her targets and you know that she loves to shop at Next. What happens when you give her a sparkling new Next gift card? She’ll feel appreciated and the cycle starts again. Reward leads to hard work. Hard work leads to reward.
  8. Last but not least: attendance. It’s something so simple, but often it’s quite admirable. Those people who drag themselves out of bed even when they don’t feel well. Who fight on and battle through the day, because they want to please you.

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