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Corporate Perks: Putting your business ahead of your competitors

With this in mind, we’ve explored some corporate perks and how they can make you a leader in your industry through the eyes of both your team and your customers. Take a look at some of our ideas to make waves in your industry with corporate perks that’ll get everyone talking.


The Benefits of Corporate Perks

More and more companies are putting corporate perks into place, so it’s becoming increasingly important to get creative and go above and beyond with the corporate perks your company offers. To stand out in your industry, your corporate perks should encompass something that no other companies in your arena are offering. Whether this is more holiday days or even monthly gifts for the highest achievers, by taking the lead with corporate perks, you’ll have both employees and clients knocking on your door.


Appealing corporate perks will mean your employees don’t want to go anywhere, so you can hold on to your most talented team members, knowing they’re not going to be taking their skills to your competitors. This loyalty also means your staff retention rate will be very impressive, which is something all new recruits will be on the lookout for. By making your company an appealing one to work for with aspirational corporate perks, you’ll find you can pick the cream of the crop when it comes to hiring new employees and expanding your team. This won’t go unnoticed by your prospects either. If you treat your employees well, word will spread. Potential clients will be aware that your company boasts the most talented team members and potential customers will be more inclined to spend their money with you, knowing that you’re team are looked after, happy to be there and ready to make their project a success.


In terms of your employees, having corporate perks in place will increase their job satisfaction as they know they’re being rewarded generously for their hard work. Increased job satisfaction in the workplace will lead your employees to be eager to progress in their role. Corporate perks also lead to reduced stress levels in the workplace, as even when the going gets tough, your team know how valued they are, and ultimately, a stress-free workplace means your team can be more efficient and produce their best work.


Once corporate perks come into play, you’ll also reap the rewards of increased employee engagement. When your team are happy with their job and the way they are treated, they will naturally become advocates of your company. This can ultimately lead to helpful outcomes such as higher employee engagement on your social media channels, and more mouths speaking about how fantastic your company is, which is great for exposure, and will let you start taking those steps towards reaching the top of your industry.


What Should You Use?

There are many different approaches to corporate perks that your company could take, each of which offers a different benefit to both you and your employees. Using flexible schedules as part of your corporate perks can make your team even more productive, allowing them to work on their projects at a time and place that suits their needs best. Encouraging personal development within your corporate perks package lets your team work towards their own goals, and ultimately gives them the tools to upskill themselves and improve their own work. Using employee discounts as corporate perks if you’re selling products encourages your employees to shop at your company, which is great for business, and as they shop at your company, they’ll naturally encourage their friends and family to do the same, resulting in word of mouth promoting your company.


If you’ve not got much in the way of a budget for your corporate perks, start small. Thoughtful gestures such as matching charity donations from your team members allow your employees to see that you value their commitment. You could even give each team member a small budget to decorate their desks how they see best, letting them make their space their own to cultivate a workplace that lets them work at their most productive. Both small and large gifts work wonders for engaging your employees and upping office morale. With SVM Corporate, you can choose gift cards for your team however often and for however much you’d like. Send them over on a special occasion or when the company reaches a milestone to show them how much you appreciate their work and how valued they are as a team member. Knowing they’re valued will give your employees the confidence to progress their career with you and will encourage them to continue working as hard as they do.


Performance-based bonuses and shares in the business are fantastic corporate perks. Not only do they make your employees like an integral part of the team, but these corporate perks will encourage your team to work at their best, as it’s in their interest to get results for your company.


By offering great corporate perks instead of an unnecessarily high salary, you’ll save your company money, making way for increased profits, as well as increased productivity and morale. When deciding which corporate perks to choose, it’s important to assess the needs of your employees to decide what the most effective corporate perks would be. Here at SVM Global, you can choose between all kinds of gift cards from SVM Corporate and send them directly to your team members when you want to praise their work. Take a look at our website to see our selection and start making waves in your industry.

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