02:50 PM, 04 21, 2016

An Ode To The Tea Break

It’s National Tea Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a hot cup of the nation’s favourite drink? Here at SVM Global we’re Rotherham based, so we tend to favour the mighty Yorkshire Tea, although a quick scan of the desks shows camomile, detox teas and green tea all in the cups of our rather healthy workforce!

We drink quite a lot of complimentary teas here at SVM Global when we aren’t selling, researching and marketing our huge range of Gift Cards and eCodes, but what are the benefits of a tea break?

Did you know that in Britain we down, chug and sip through about 235 million cups of tea a day? Surely you would say that this has a negative effect on productivity? Whilst we admit that a whole day of tea tasting might leave your workload at an all time low, we can see that a business that has regular tea breaks might be an employer of choice with happier, more engaged staff. But why?

1) Colleagues can connect

Whether it’s a casual chat at the watercooler or a tea break in the morning, companies with a happy, friendly workforce are on track for more engaged workers who produce better work. Tea has a unifying effect of bringing together colleagues from different departments in one place – the kettle. It’s the small talk and little ideas that happen here that can bring big business results in the future or move projects along faster.

2) A break refocuses the mind

Work is the whole point of being at work, but too much focus on cutting back, trimming the fat and raising the bar can leave a workforce demotivated. Encouraging regular breaks shows that you care about the welfare of your staff and in the long run, you’ll not only retain more staff but see better results. A study by DeskTime showed that the highest-performing 10 percent of staff tended to work for 52 consecutive minutes followed by a 17-minute break away from the computer.

3) A tea is a great way to say thanks

Tea rounds are an ideal way to settle any new employee into the ebb and flow of an office and it’s own unique culture. You learn names, preferences and you start to make your way around the office with your tray of 7 teas. But tea can also help you retain existing staff. By taking your staff out of the office for a cup of tea and an informal chat you get the breathing space to say thanks, see what’s happening in their lives, find out what’s really holding back that big project, what their ideas are. You don’t need a whole employee satisfaction survey to get under the skin of your business, you just need a gift card for a tea break and some time out of your diary to learn more!

Why not try it today? SVM Global can help you give a gift card or an eCode for places like Costa or Starbucks – from one single card, to a variety of cards for hundreds of employees or partners. We can also help set up a platform for ongoing rewards for any of our retailers. Call today or email hello@svmglobal.com to see what’s on offer.

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