12:00 AM, 09 01, 2016

Back to school with family friendly incentives

It’s been a long 6 weeks if your business has parents or guardians who have been off during the 6 week break. Now, with the ‘back to school’ feeling in the air, its never been a better time to think about how your rewards and incentives work for families. As a progressive company, you no doubt want to show that you support the working families whilst also making sure that you are getting the very best output from all your team members.

Incentives and rewards are all well and good – but do they meet the needs of a workforce with children?

For example, offering an incentive that provides a 2 week holiday for 2 might not be of any interest for those with large families or young children. Perks like ‘free beer Friday’, regular weekend outings with the team, evening meals and even cash rewards might not be suitable.

Studies have shown that cash in particular has a tendency to be used for things like bills, groceries and similar, everyday items.

It may make sense, depending on the size of your business to offer rewards and incentives that work for parents. If you feel it is appropriate, why not survey parents: Find out what kinds of reward programme would work for them, and brainstorm ways to make them happen.

Ideally incentives from work will be able to enrich each employees life.

That’s why gift cards are so suitable across the board.

Parents can struggle with essentials – fuel, groceries, clothing, days out, and activities.

Gift Cards for these items have meaning - they can help a struggling parent care for their family.

SVM Global offers a range of ways to offer employees Gift Cards on an ongoing basis. You might want them to be delivered via email, or you might want to order in bulk and keep gift cards at hand for ‘spot rewards’. Preference in particular may be suitable for all your employees – allowing them to spend the value of a Gift Card at over 100 retailers. This avoids any embarrassment over who gets which card, and the email delivery can be subtle and appropriate for your own gifting policies.

So take time to meet up with the parents in your business and share a coffee. Make sure to ask about their home life, their work life and what encourages them to come to work each day. You might be surprised at what you find!

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