02:22 PM, 02 07, 2017

Can you help employees feel less stressed?

If you’re managing a team, you’ll naturally want results. Your business might be fast paced, non stop and will stretch people.

Communicate and Listen

As a manager you need to remain calm whenever stress abounds. You should be there to listen and to understand how your employees are feeling, but you shouldn’t be a ‘leech’ of the stress, passing it down. You should schedule time to listen to employees about their issues and give them a chance to ask questions or tell you their worries. You should listen and look out for signals and body language that tells a bigger story than they might be prepared to share if they say that everything is ‘fine’.

Try Remove Obstacles

Whatever the stressor the employee opens up about, share information that reduces uncertainty. Use facts and if there are big decisions to be made, show where you are with the thinking. If it’s a workload issue, take a look at how you can extend delivery times, add more employees to lighten the load or if you can reshuffle other projects or working hours. They might have other issues. Perhaps they feel micromanaged, or not guided at all. They could be concerned about the company stability or how they will hit targets assigned to them. Take each matter in your stride, calmly, and question how you can make a difference. “What can I do to make it better?”- The answers might surprise you.

Show Them They Matter

Rewards and incentives aren’t just a cheap trick to ‘plaster’ over cracks in the workplace. Used properly, they should form part of your culture. You should be thanking, gifting and congratulating a job well done, when it’s deserved. That doesn’t mean every small moment needs to be captured and celebrated, but the things that matter to your employees do need to be recognised – something as simple as a coffee gift card might make a difference. On top of this you should also be talking about the future – training, job titles, responsibilities – showing employees that in the future vision of your company, they’re there with you.

Don’t forget that if employees are in the habit of working in high levels of stress, then your culture may need to be re-evaluated.

  • Are there ‘favourites’ in the business who are promoted or otherwise rewarded far out of line to similar employees?
  • Are there people who are seemingly ‘untouchable’ who are rude, unresponsive or aggressive to other employees, but who are never reprimanded?
  • Are there a few people who hold all the knowledge, and some who hold none?
  • Do you encourage social get togethers and time to create a friendly social climate?
  • Are you consistent in how you act and what you expect?

If so – it’s not too late to change. Show that individual workers are valued. You’re your own positive climate, and provide opportunities for growth and development. Reward and recognise employees for the things they do that you would be devastated about not being undertaken should they leave.

If you’re looking for a good way to reward and recognise employees – speak to us. We can offer gift cards, eCodes and reward platforms that can all bring the spirit if recognition into your workplace.

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