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Combating January Blues: Encouraging a productive start to the year

A productive workplace will mean that your team is working efficiently towards the business’s objectives, so it’s important to encourage your team to remain motivated when they come back to work in January. Creating a productive office starts at the top, so whoever’s in charge needs to adopt productive techniques that they can then impart on the rest of the team. Encourage a productive team by cultivating a company culture that leaves them with job satisfaction; it’s no secret that enjoying your job and wanting to be there is one of the most successful ways of being productive.

We’ve looked at some other ways of mastering the art of productivity, so you can ensure that when January kicks in, you and your team are ready and raring to go.

A Productive Office

A productive workplace often comes down to the office environment itself. When it comes to a productive office temperature, the room needs to feel just right. Too cold and moods will come down and minds will be preoccupied with trying to warm up rather than get work done. Too hot and your employees will feel sluggish, meaning they’ll work at a slower pace. Lighting can affect how productive a workplace is too. Dim lighting will mean your team may struggle to see, which can even result in them having to go back to re-do work, whilst stark, bright light can mean your team could suffer from migraines, meaning time off work and a less productive office. Natural light is perfect for a productive work environment, as it’s not too harsh on the eyes and helps to lift spirits and boost morale. Paired with some plants and soothing background music, and you’ll see the mood in your office rise, making way for productive outcomes.

You can also implement a company culture in order to see productivity rise. A nurturing company culture will make way for engaged employees who are eager to aid the company’s success. By making sure your team know they’re appreciated, you’ll create a positive work environment in which your team will want to be productive. Offer support to your team so they know where to go if any bumps crop up in the road, allowing any problems to be sorted swiftly. By setting realistic goals for your employees, they’ll know what they need to be working on and what they’re working towards, encouraging your team to be productive in the best way that works for them. You can further encourage autonomy by refraining from micromanaging your team; they know best how they can be productive, and by letting them work in the best way for themselves, they’ll be as efficient as possible. Inspire a productive office with regular performance feedback. By letting your team know what’s going great and what they should be working towards, they’ll feel encouraged and inspired to do their best work each and every day.

Another great way to keep your team feeling motivated is with positive reinforcement. Offering them some work perks will make them feel appreciated and excited about coming to work every day, making for a productive environment. This could include flexible schedules, allowing them to build their own timetable, come in and out of the office as they please and even work from home sometimes, depending on how they work at their most productive level. Believe it or not, allowing the option for more breaks will make your team more productive. Small breaks throughout the day let your team clear their mind and get a change of scenery, allowing them to come back to their desks feeling refreshed and productive. You can also small treats and gifts for your employees to show your appreciation when certain goals are reached. SVM Global lets you pick out the gift cards that’ll make perfect rewards for your employees, keeping them motivated and productive, knowing their hard work is being recognised.

Encouraging Your Employees

Productivity doesn’t just come down to the boss. Employees themselves need to take responsibility for finding the habits that will make them more productive at work, so it’s important to encourage these, especially in January after having some laid-back time off over the festivities. To begin with, regular exercise can encourage your team to be more productive. Exercise releases hormones which improve brain function and lower stress levels, making for a productive and healthy office. Stocking up your office with plenty of healthy snacks and refillable water bottles can also aid productivity.

Uncluttered desks can be the key to a productive mindset, so encourage your employees to keep their space tidy to avoid unnecessary stress and allow them to concentrate without getting distracted by mess. To-do lists are also great productivity tools. Often, simply writing down tasks will make your team feel more prepared to tackle them. To-do lists should always be done at the end of the previous day, so when your team come in in the morning, they already know what they should be working on first thing and for the rest of the day too. Encourage your employees to always face the difficult tasks first thing. Once these are over and done with, they can enjoy the rest of the day without worrying about that first task, and can be more productive in working through the rest of their workload.

From planning phone calls to ensuring they get enough sleep, there are all sorts of tips and tricks that you and your team can adopt to make sure you’re all working at your best. A productive team will not only get more work done, but will enjoy the tasks more and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. We’re here to help you motivate your team with a rewards that’ll encourage your employees to be productive every day. Take a look at our brands to choose the treats that’ll keep your whole office motivated and productive.

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