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Creative ways to give a gift card

We know there’s a better way to deliver a Gift card than just handing it over – so here are some interesting ideas for giving a gift card! Whether it’s an employee reward or even a gift for your friends or family, we think these ideas will leave a lasting memory.

Sweet treats

If you’re employee has been particularly ‘sweet’ to a customer, one nice ideas are to pick up an old style sweet jar and fill it with brightly coloured sweets. The vibrant colours look very attractive and when you put a gift card inside the jar, the joy of discovering the card becomes greater. You can also play on this with old style sweets that reflects their traditional values. Some great ideas for the gift card within would include a supermarket gift card (see our Sainsburys Gift Card, Tesco Gift Card, and ASDA Gifts) or a special gift card that reflects their own interests. They say life is like a box of chocolates. Popping a gift card within a box of everyone’s favourite treat is a nice way to add an extra surprise into a nice gift- elevating it further

Relevant casing

A coffee gift card is a real favourite and with great reason! Whilst these are great left on a desk, these are also great delivered within a disposable coffee cup. Just add some shredded paper, throw in a few chocolates, and toe a gift tag on a spoon. If you give a beauty gift card – then consider a rolled-up towel, tied with ribbon. For the keen outdoor enthusiast, maybe a woolly hat and then their gift card within that.

If you are planning to give iTunes gift cards, we think one really creative way of gifting them is to pop the gift card into a box and then wrap them with new sets of earbuds instead of going for the traditional ribbon! It’s quirky and unusual, but definitely memorable!

This doesn’t have to be permanent! What about setting up a full laid out dinner plate, knife and fork, cup, and spoon on a desk, complete with a napkin before adding a restaurant gift card in the middle? It’s eye catching, costs nothing for props and the photos could well end up on social media!

Boxes and cases

If your regularly buy gift cards in bulk, then why not invest in some gift card cases? Whether these are card or plastic, or designed to hold your gift card like a DVD case, this is a stylish way to make your gift card look really impressive! One step further than this is a large gift box. Gift cards are great because their memory lives on far longer than cash. One extra way to ensure this is to use a special display box to put the gift card in. Instead of the recipient having to put the card straight into a purse or a wallet, this useful addition to the gift card is reusable and can live on a desk or to home for years to come!

Simple – with a smile

No time to order any of these extras for a personal delivery? Relax – a paper envelope and a meaningful gift card are still effective – just ensure you write a message of thanks that you really mean before you deliver it with a smile.

There you have it - some great ideas if you’re ready to reward and thank with gift cards! Plus, now we’ve put gift cards or eCodes on your radar, don’t forget you can place an order for bulk gift cards from SVM Global. Whether you decide to keep a store of gift cards for spot rewards, make a bulk order after a project completion or just pick some up to say thanks, with SVM Global, the selection, ordering and delivery of eGifts, Gift Codes and Gift Cards for 100’s of suppliers and retailers across the world couldn’t be easier!

We also offer a range of technical solutions for ongoing reward and recognition in your businesses.

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