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How to Improve your Customer Engagement

Attracting new customers is just a small part of running a profitable company. Where the money really lies is retaining those customers. Did you know that “acquiring a new customer costs around six times more than keeping an existing one”. So, apart from having amazing products, how do you improve your customer engagement to retain more customers?

Humanise your brand

Creating a personality for your company creates a human touch that people will connect with a lot more than they would to a faceless business. Afterall, “it is not the number of interactions a buyer has with your brand [that improves brand loyalty], but the quality and the relatability of interaction”. A strong, attractive personality is an important factor for your business’s growth in the 21st century, not only because it will increase your market reach, but because it will improve consumers trust in your brand. Certain companies such as Lego or New Look are naturally easier to have fun with than more corporate set ups such as those working in the B2B sector, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

To start with, it’s important to decide what your company’s unique voice is and then stick to it. A person’s voice is such a large part of how they reflect who they are and how others interact with them. It’s no different for your company, so, make sure you choose your voice carefully.

Another great way to humanise your business is to let customers see the people behind the screen. Your employees are often your greatest advocates and are passionate about the brand, so give them a voice. A great way to do this is through blogs and videos. You can also use your employees to give sneak peaks behind the scenes of what goes on in the office. Is it someone’s birthday celebration or a pet day in the office? Take some pictures and let people know through social media.


Improving your communication with your customers as a business is the most important step to improving your overall customer engagement level. Personalised emails on a client’s birthday and amazing customer care are just part of the solution. In the modern environment your greatest tool is social media.

Social media is the perfect way to engage with your customers, and yet many companies fall short. It’s great to get your information out there, but if you constantly overwhelm your followers with sales posts they’ll just switch off. The best things about social media is that you’ve got direct contact with your consumers, so talk to them. Ask them their thoughts and reply to their responses, yes that sadly means acknowledging the negative ones too. If you do get a great review from someone, share it, let everyone know how great you are.

Don’t know how to get people to interact and follow you? A great way to increase engagement is to launch a competition. If you are going down this road here a few useful tips:

  • Include an eye-catching image
  • Don’t let your competition get lost online, make it stand out with a great picture.
  • Set the expiration date
  • Let people know how long they have to enter. A good competition length is a week, this gives people time to enter and to share it with friends and family.
  • Promote your offer
  • If no one knows about the competition, no one will enter. Build excitement in the run up to the start date and remind people when the closing date is near.

Saying thank you

A great way to retain customers is to make sure that they feel appreciated and valued. Whether you’re welcoming new customers, thanking long term regulars or hosting a competition; a great way to do this is with a Gift Card. At this point you might be wondering what makes Gift Cards so great?

Gift Cards are great for customers because it allows you to give a gift to anyone and they’re guaranteed to appreciate it because they can choose the final product that they actually get. Gift Cards are especially great when you need to say sorry (yes, sadly this does happen from time to time). The small cost of a gift card will help go towards improving your brand experience, which in return will go towards improving your customers’ brand experience. Having a hard time believing this? Research has shown that “86% of buyers will pay more for a better brand experience” , that’s almost 9/10 of your customers that could be paying you more.

If you’re interested in purchasing some Gift Cards or eGifts please email hello@svmglobal.com or call 01709 303 102 to find out more.

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