01:00 PM, 09 15, 2015

Fulfilling your wish list

SVM Global has taken account of your Christmas wish list a little earlier this year! You may be excited to discover that we are in the process of updating our premises, ensuring that we have a larger fulfilment centre to cater for all our global partners. With new designs that reflect our values, we are very enthusiastic about revealing the finished updates. Should you choose to register for our newsletter, you’ll be given small stories, accounts and sneak peek photos.

Our new building gives a more efficient, advanced and professional layout, so you can enjoy the speedy delivery of a wide range of new products. If you haven’t started thinking about Christmas already, SVM Global is in the perfect position to offer you seasonal gift card solutions. After all, popular employee choices include retailers that supply food and clothing. Whatever the department, we have it covered.

So how do we fulfil your wish list? How do we make sure that your engagement solutions are up to scratch to meet the demands of Christmas? Well, our dedicated customer care team work around you, matching the perfect products to your company and giving any advice and guidance required. In terms of the delivery, you may be interested in knowing how we fulfil our orders. In the coming months, we do plan to share with you an animation/video, which includes interviews and visually demonstrates how we operate. However, if you can’t wait until then, we’ve decided to include a brief description in this blog (only two short paragraphs – don’t worry!) of the physical gift card journey.

Orders are processed by our initial team, as they fly in from all over the globe. Once they’re adapted to our format and any necessary amends have been made, the order summary is reviewed, before it’s whisked off to the next team. The physical orders are then ‘picked’ through our accurate, technologically advanced system. What does this mean? Well, it means the team leader ‘picks’ unique order numbers on the computer and assigns them to enthusiastic members of the team, making sure that orders for the same client are kept together!

The SVM fulfilment group keenly work through individual orders, clicking on a button called ‘order enquiry,’ to check that all information is correct. Our process is check, check and check again! As a final touch, gift cards are swiped, then scanned or entered manually to load on money. The system ensures that the same order number can never be entered twice. Upon approval from team 2, the order progresses to the last stage – ‘packing,’ which is in a separate part of the office. This allows the order to be reviewed by a final set of fresh eyes, before it’s delivered to your doorstep!

SVM Global hopes that the above information may be useful to you. Please do check out our YouTube account or follow us on Twitter @svm_global for further updates.

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