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How to Recruit and Attract Different Generations

Traditionalists, born between 1928 – 1945

Granted, there aren’t many Traditionalists (also known as the Silent Generation) left in the office, but studies record that they still make up a trusty 3%. [1] They’re often working less than the average week but their years of experience and their work ethic are invaluable for any company. Growing up in a time after years of depression and World War 2; they often see work as an honour and will often stay loyal to one company the entirety of their working life. Typically, they are considered to be hard working, rule following and team players. Unlike other groups, they prefer to recognise long term service and commitment than instant one offs.

Baby Boomers, born between 1945 – 1965

Due to their age, and therefore their years within the industry, Baby Boomers are at the top of their careers or heading toward retirement. It can be hard for them to accept the advancement of the younger generations; but instead of separating the generations, offer the Baby Boomers the learning and development tools to pass on their knowledge and teach the other groups what they know. As they begin to pass on the torch, Baby Boomers are looking for benefits that help with their retirement and health and wellbeing.

Generation X, born between 1966 -1976

As a smaller group than the others that surround it, people often overlook Generation X. But, they’re not to be ignored. Generation X have inherited their parents’ hard work and willingness to work and the Traditionalists’ patriotism and sense of importance of family.

Growing up in the footsteps of the Boomers, Gen X’s are often strongly independent, yet the introduction of new technologies in their childhoods have left them open to change and with the ability for flexibility. This often means that although they like having set goals and deadlines, they would rather be left to it and rewarded for their hard work afterwards, this recognition helps incentivise them for the next project.

Millennials, born between 1977-1995

Of all the groups I’m sure you’ve already heard all about Millennials (also known as Generation Z), and sadly it’s not all been good. But let’s be fair to the group, they had to enter the workplace full of strong, independent workers from the past generations. It’s hardly surprising that they fiercely dislike being belittled or patronised because of their age.

They most obviously differ from their predecessors because they aren’t willing to stay with a company based solely on loyalty, they’re looking for places that they can learn from and progress in. One Millennial explains that when looking for a job she; “would want to know, does it align with where I am and where I’m going? For me, potential and opportunities are more important than pay right now”. [2] Millennials already hold around 20% [3] of all leadership roles, if you want to attract more (and retain them) you have to consider what learning and development opportunities you’re offering.

Generation Z, born 1995 - now

Its hard to write much about Gen Z as they haven’t had much time to make their mark, but as the oldest of them are entering the workforce its important to take them into consideration. As they’re new to the work force they’ll be less interested in long service rewards and will me more attracted to smaller on the spot rewards.

These groups obviously don’t define what someone will be like, or what benefits they will want at work; but it does demonstrate that not everyone wants the same benefits from their employer. So how do you attract a variety of workers and keep them motivated? Legally, you can’t offer different people different things, so why not offer them rewards that let them choose what they get.

SVM Global offer gift cards from 100’s of brands, meaning that there is something for everyone. Whether you want a long-term solution or a one-off bulk order so that you can reward your staff on the spot whenever you want, SVM Global are here to help.

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