09:00 AM, 12 20, 2017

Gift Cards: A Present for Everyone

It’s the season to celebrate, thank and reward. As a business you might think that by the time you’ve wrapped your Secret Santa gift, picked up some treats for your team and your office mates, your job is done. However, Christmas is a great time for us to celebrate and thank the people we have worked with this year, those who have helped us in ways we might not have vocalised.

Stretching out your arm of kindness to appreciate the people that have been good to you is not only great business sense, but also a great thing to do as a kind person.

So, who do you need to thank? We think you need to watch out for the forgotten few, the people who don’t feel appreciated or significant at work.

The Office Mum

She is the office ‘mum’. She doesn’t have to work as an office manager, she might work in HR, reception or admin. You know who she is. She is the one there when trouble afoot, when drama arises or something needs collecting, organising or re-arranging.

She welcomes you every morning, organises office parties and makes work more comfortable. There is no better way to show her she matters than to give her a Gift Card for some place she can really relax – what about a spa day all about her!

Your IT Team

The sales team get flashy incentives, your account managers or marketing team get to go to conference and events. But what about your tech team? They might not get out of the office much, and the only time you pick up the phone to them is when you’re worried you’ve really done it this time and your computer is about to start blowing steam and releasing its springs all over the office floor! If you show them a bit of appreciation with a Gift Card, you’ll reap the benefits in the year ahead. More importantly, you’ll show them they’re appreciated, even when they have the unenviable task of tidying your nest of wires (again.)

Your previous customers

It might sound strange – you’ve given a token gift to your employees, partners, current customers and VIPS – why would you bother with the customers that have left you, no longer order with you, or don’t engage with you? The reason is research! By reaching out with a Gift Card, apologising for a bad experience that was your fault or booking a meeting to understand how you can be better you can take and improve from the experience. Looking backwards at Christmas is key to continued success.

We would love to help you pick up Gift Cards and eCodes for everyone who needs one this festive season. Making people feel appreciated and taken care of, especially the people that play a key role in the daily operations of your business. Why not send a Gift Card to them today? We can help arrange the dates so they arrive just in time for Christmas. SVM Global is a leading provider of Gift Cards and we offer our services to businesses of different sizes to purchase Christmas Gift Cards in bulk. We’d love to speak to you about how we can work together. Call us today!

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