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Gift Cards for Spot rewards

Have you heard of Spot Rewards? If you’re not from a HR background you might not have. Essentially Spot Rewards are rewards or appreciation given to an employee for the individual’s outstanding contribution to the organisation. This could be in terms of his/her accomplishments, excellent performance, ideas or innovation.

The rewards needn’t necessarily be cash, in fact, it’s better if they’re not. Non-cash rewards include restaurant vouchers, a congratulatory note or verbal appreciation by the manager, a training opportunity, team dinners or a Gift Card.

We believe that Gift Cards are the most logical choice for any business. We recommend a bulk purchase of Gift Cards so that you’re prepared to give out these unique gifts whenever you feel like it.

Why Should Your Business Invest in Gift Cards?

Spot Rewards

Gift Cards are wonderful tokens of appreciation for the loyalty and hard work of your staff. If you want to show your employees that they are appreciated for their performance or if you wish to challenge and motivate them, Gift Cards will work wonders. Spot rewards aren’t all about big ceremonies, lots of planned activity, sign off and forms. Spot rewards are designed to be given at the line manager’s discretion, allowing them to be as subtle or as loud as the employee wants.


When we talk about spot rewards, we think of employees. However, when you buy in bulk, you have a great opportunity to reward customers and prospects as well. Something that is often overlooked is that Gift Cards make exceptional marketing tools. When it comes to events, Gift Cards can be transformed into the ideal promotional material that gets people to your stand.

Receiving a gift creates excitement and goodwill. And it goes beyond just the recipient. In fact, according to CMO.com, “61% of consumers will tell friends and family about their experiences, so it only makes sense for marketers to use a surprise ‘thank you’ or rewards to enhance customers’ experiences.”

On top of that, a recent study by Marketing Magazine found that 95% of respondents said surprise and delightful experiences boosted their positive perception of the brand. You can use Gift Cards in games or competitions and cut down on larger advertising costs. Bulk Gift Cards can also play the role of promotional material for seasonal products and services. whatever sector you’re in, offering Gift Cards as a perk for time limited offers and ‘flash sales’ are great ways to enhance customer engagement and increase the chances of acquiring fresh business.

Furthermore, bulk Gift Cards can serve as one off emergency gifts. From the large customer order that goes wrong at the last minute to the partners or the business associates that come by your offices, having rewards and gifts on hand makes sense. Just keep them in stock and use them whenever you want.

Having Gift Cards around the office, either physical or in a digital is a great idea. Order in bulk and you may be able to access large order discounts, pick them up all in one go and you can talk to line manages about how spot rewards work.

Place your order today through the team here at SVM Global.

Contact us today to speak with us or connect with us on social media. We’ll help guide you through the options, any applicable discounts and the best cards to choose for synergy with your business brand.

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