12:00 AM, 06 06, 2016

Gift Cards That Are Perfect For Gadget Lovers

Gift Cards open up a whole world of possibilities! So what if you know what the recipient is into – but you haven’t quite worked out which gift card to get them? Today, we wanted to look at just what a gift card you should buy – and we’re focusing in on the gadget lover!

1. The Viral Chewbacca Mask from Argos

Did you see the viral video of the woman laughing at her new Chewbacca mask? (It’s a great video!) If you want to get a gift card for a gadget lover, let them recreate the moment by choosing an Argos Gift Card!

2. A polaroid with an Amazon Gift Card

Remember Polaroid? Well the nifty ‘print yourself’ cameras are back in the form of an instax mini. If you know someone that’s a bit photo mad, this will make a nice addition to their collection. They are still just as much fun as ever too – although one slip of the finger and you’ve used up your precious film on a shot that captures mostly your nostrils. Beware. You can use an Amazon Gift Card to get your hands on one. Click here to see Amazon Gift Cards

3.A Karcher Pressure Washer with a Halfords Gift Card

You haven’t experienced real fun unless you’ve strapped a Karcher power cleaner to your back and spent the best part of a Sunday exterminating the acres of moss build up that have accrued in your guttering whilst listening to some aggressive music. Or maybe that’s just us. If that sounds up their street, then get a Halfords gift card and they could be grabbing themselves a Karcher!

4. A Smart Watch With A Currys PC World Gift Card

We all know that person who’s practically jumping up and down at the lunchtime meeting, desperate for their daily run. If they loved gadgets too – treat them to a Currys PC World Gift card and they can get a smart watch. It might mean they want to do more steps – pretty handy if you’re hankering for an afternoon tea round….

5. A food blender with a Debenhams Gift Card

We all know someone that prefers multi grains to McDonalds. They have pre-portioned healthy snacks, a cholesterol level that’s good enough to put on their CV and a love of preparing fresh food. Treat them to a Debenhams Gift Card so they can treat themselves to a food blender. As you can see, this model has two cups – so it might work out well for you too!

What else would you recommend for a gadget lover? If nothing here floats your boat, we still have over 500 brands of Gift card to choose from! Take a look at all our gift cards here. If you want to order in bulk – contact us today! Email hello@svmglobal.com and we will be straight back in touch!

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