12:00 PM, 02 18, 2019

How eGifts Will Benefit Your Brand

What is an eGift?

eGift, eCode or digital Gift Card; don’t get confused, they’re all just the same thing. Essentially, they are exactly the same as the usual Gift Cards, but your customers receive an electrical version instead of a physical, plastic one.

Younger generations who have grown up in the digital age are increasingly entering the market, and they like fast, instant technology. It’s this change in demand which is driving the evolution of the Gift Card. The Gift Card experts at UKGCVA highlighted the market trend by reporting that; “digital and eVouchers have shown a growth rate of 72.21%”[1] in H2 2017. From vouchers to Gift Cards, and now Gift Cards to eGifts; the world of Gift Cards is always changing, and eGifts are simply the next step of the evolution. But what are the benefits?

Easy to use

eGifts are extremely user friendly and easy to use. Once ordered they are emailed to the recipient who can then print it out to use instore. Alternatively, retailers often have the option to use the eGift’s unique number as payment online. This simple option means that “91% of respondents thought they were quick and easy to buy”[2]. Not only does this mean they can be used by everyone, but because they’re sent via email it also saves money on any postage.

Instant delivery

As the eGifts are virtual, their delivery can be instant which is a key advantage for employers looking to reward staff on the spot; a huge consideration reflecting that “80% of Millennials would like to receive feedback in real time”[3]. Companies are looking for rewards that will keep their staff happy, ultimately this could mean choosing one brand over another simply because they offer instant eGifts.

Additionally, if it is for a special occasion, such as a birthday, purchasers can choose a specific time and date for the eGift to be sent.

Cheap to produce

In addition to having no postage costs, once created the electronic eGifts can simply be reproduced as many times as you like without any printing costs.

Environmentally friendly

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and as such brands need to be aware of the image they portray. A massive “73% of Gen Y are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings”[4]. With no postage or plastic card, the eGift is considerably more environmentally friendly than its ancestors.

As more and more companies are switching to eGifts don’t get left behind. Talk to SVM Global on 01709  303 102 or email hello@svmglobal.com to discover how we can help you with yours.

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