12:00 AM, 06 13, 2016

How To Make Your Employees Happier

There’s a great phrase within the employee rewards and incentive industry - ‘There are two types of people who quit – those who quit and leave….And those who quit and stay.’

If it already seems like your business has recently fitted a revolving door for unhappy staff to leave through or if the signs are a bit more subtle - employees have stopped attending your annual events or the general feeling in the office or shop floor is flatter than a pancake – it’s time to move quickly and make some changes.

Here are the stats to make your skin crawl if you are an employer….

  • A study has shown that more than four in 10 (42%) employees have quit a job because they had a ‘bad boss’.
  • 40% of staff have felt that they were under-appreciated
  • 39% of staff have felt overworked
  • 34% are fed up with favouritism towards other team members.

As an employee, do you resonate with these stats?

  • 71% of employees would remain at their current employer if they were offered a good benefits package
  • 68%of employees would be more loyal to their employer if they were regularly thanked for their efforts or were shown regular appreciation and praise!
So what sort of rewards and benefits work?

You might think you already offer great perks and cultural benefits for employees because of your quarterly nights out to the pub, or your running club. (Check out our post: Is your business offering the wrong perks?)

However, for perks to appeal to all the amazing people that fill your business, they need to suit all different personality types.

Perks don’t have to be behaviour led. Many companies, especially in America have really harnessed the ‘power of the perk’ when it comes to retention. Free fruit on a Friday, workout classes, a dry cleaning drop off service, free to use condiments in your fridges, early close down on pay day, a monthly gift for kind behaviour, a sofa to read on, breakfast clubs, monthly gift cards– there are lots of options that you can look at. Click here to read about Quirky Perks

Don’t forget to reward all your employees. Sometimes, it is only the sales teams that are given motivators like commission. However, contests and incentives that mimic sales led goals can help keep all types of employee excited about their role.

Gift Cards – a Great Motivator

The good news is – people aren’t necessarily looking for more pay. Gift cards are an excellent way to motivate employees and there are lots of ways to use them.

  • Gift cards can be purchased in bulk and kept in your offices for ‘on the spot rewards’
  • Gift codes can be delivered through a employee benefits package – SVM Global fulfils many gift cards through employee benefit portals.
  • Gift cards can be given at significant milestones, such as a work anniversary, project completion, or as thanks
  • Gift cards can be delivered through a peer to peer recognition scheme, allowing employees to reward each other.

The best news is that gift cards can be purchased in multiple denominations for multiple retailers.

At SVM Global we’ve seen businesses of all sizes have success when it comes to using instant eCodes to get straight in touch with employees who’ve done a great job. It’s quick, easy and it leaves a lasting impression. It has even been suggested that using redeemable vouchers / gift cards increases the ‘trophy factor’ for employees compared to the same cash value.

Interested? Email hello@svmglobal.com or call 01709917278, or read our post – The Truth About Gift Cards

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