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How To Motivate Your Team For A Productive Workplace

Making sure you motivate your team is part and parcel of a well-performing process. There are all sorts of methods both big and small to motivate your workforce and keep them happy and excited to come to work every day. We’ve explored a few ideas to keep motivation at its highest within your office walls.

Wondering Why?

When you motivate your employees, you’ll find all sorts of amazing things happen to your productivity levels and the results your team achieve. It’s no secret that a motivated team is more likely to work harder for your company, allowing everyone to reach your goals and targets. You can especially expect to see increased productivity and improved efficiency from team members who want to see the company excel. Plus, when your team feel ready and raring to go, their sense of job satisfaction will skyrocket, paving the way for their own personal development.

When you consistently motivate your team, you’ll make way for serious employee commitment to your company, meaning lower levels of absenteeism and a favourable staff retention rate. The benefits of making the effort to motivate your workforce will put your business in the top spot in your industry, giving you a great reputation and paving the way for plenty of positive knock-on effects. For example, this will in turn motivate new clients to come your way and new potential employees to come knocking when you need to recruit.

Want To Know How?

The many ways of motivating your team come in all shapes and sizes; from acknowledging the little wins to celebrating the big achievements in style. To get started, begin to motivate your team with the little things. Set small, measurable goals for each and every team member and when they’re reached, make sure you offer little rewards for each hurdle jumped to recognise the great work of your team and motivate them by acknowledging their efforts and achievements.

Make your expectations clear to every member of your team and provide continuous feedback to motivate them into maintaining their levels of excellent work. Always praise your employees publically when one or two of them have gone above and beyond, but always make sure you conduct those corrective conversations privately so as not to affect morale.

Motivate your team by using training and development as incentives. Everybody within your workforce should be keen to excel in their career and so would certainly jump at the chance to upskill themselves. For those high-performing employees, you could even offer autonomous working so that they can set their own timetable however works best for them.

Celebrate those big company wins with your team, after all, they’re the ones who will have made it happen! Seeing how their efforts have helped to grow their company will motivate them considerably into continuing their hard work. You can also use recognition and rewards schemes to motivate your team. With SVM Limitless, we can put together the scheme that’ll motivate your employees every day to perform at their best. We’ll provide the gift cards that’ll let your team members pick out a treat for themselves that’ll motivate them to strive for greatness every day.

Letting Your Team Self-Motivate

To help streamline your operations, you can also encourage your team to motivate themselves. Teach them some self-motivation tips and tricks that’ll kick start their mornings and keep them engaged all day. For example, taking regular breaks is important to keep yourself motivated. It helps you come back to your tasks with a clear head, boosting productivity and keeping minds fresh. A change of scenery can also help to motivate your employees when they get stuck on a particular task.

You could also help your team motivate themselves by teaching them how to practice mindfulness and giving them the tools to stay focused and avoid feeling overwhelmed. It’s also important to encourage your employees to stay healthy and appropriately fueled, so they can get their heads down and produce their best work, all whilst enjoying the tasks at hand.

Don’t forget that setting a good example is key. Having a positive attitude to your own work will undoubtedly spread throughout your team too, and most importantly, one of the most successful ways of motivating your workforce is to make sure you all have fun. An enjoyable workplace is one where everyone wants to be, and will certainly motivate your team into working their hardest for a company they love.

There are all sorts of effective ways you can motivate your team, the important thing is to keep acknowledging each individual achievement, showing your team that you appreciate all of the work they do and celebrating with them when their hard work pays off for the company. When you’re not sure on how to treat your employees, just ask them what they’d appreciate most, and often you’ll find that the answer is a treat they can choose for themselves.

SVM Limitless is here to provide your team with the treats that’ll make them turn up to work with a spring in their step and a smile on their face. Take a look at our website to find out how to motivate your team with all the treats they deserve.

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