10:00 AM, 01 25, 2018

How to refresh employees for a great 2018

The tinsel is packed away and the Quality Streets have all gone. Now it’s the New Year, it’s the perfect time to take a look at how you are going to be able to refresh your employees.

A huge part of that will be how you motivate and boost productivity in your business, which isn’t always led by more cash. As well as studies showing that cash is not always the best motivator (a pay increase needs to be around £50,000 more to have a significant effect on happiness levels,) it’s far more sustainable to be focused on offering different ways to offer benefits and recognition that can help to grow engagement in the long term. We took a look at some great ideas.

Flexible working

An estimated 14.1 million people in Britain want flexibility in their working hours or location, equivalent to almost half the working population, the consultancy and jobs site Timewise says. But its analysis of 3.5m job adverts found just 6.2% both mentioned a degree of flexibility and offered a salary deemed high enough to live on – the full time equivalent of £20,000 or more.

One way to reinvigorate employees could be introducing an element of flexibility into your workplace. This could be the chance to work on projects within work time, a chance to use ‘median’ hours to create a standard core working framework, or you might choose to look into telecommunting options.

Relaxed dress code

Today, 50% at of managers say employees dress less more formal than they did five years ago. Yet, 58% of employees say they would prefer to work at a company that has a business casual, casual, or no dress code. If you’re wanting to get more out of your employees without having to spend money, then a simple change of rules could be the answer!

Bring in spot rewards

To reinforce the principles of customer excellence, to enhance sales or to act as a ‘mini perk’ during a larger incentive scheme, spot rewards are unrivalled. The real benefit that gift cards offer when used for spot rewards are their flexibility. A spot reward doesn’t have to be a £100 - £200 gift card prize, a simple balance for a coffee will be enough to say ‘caught you doing something right’!

Why not order gift cards in bulk and empower your managers to recognize employees on the spot? Physically this is a small change as gift cards are small – and employees and managers alike will love the spontaneity of the programme. This opens up rewards from being line manager to direct report to something a lot more widespread across the company.

Empower employees

As an employee, there can be something very demotivating about the same problems cropping up in a business, or the same mistakes happening. Whilst your MD might be able to make some changes at a high level, it’s not them on the phone with an irate customer! Empowering your lower level employees to be able to offer a goodwill gesture or to affect change can be seriously empowering. A gift card ‘apology and thanks’ budget can be used to do this, and by allowing employees to authorise the sending of small value gift codes to customers, you can give back power to employees and improve the customer experience.

A great reward programme

Don’t fall back on the same old reward and recognition practices and ceremonies this year! Survey employees on their gifts and see what they really think. If they haven’t been as appreciative of your choices, then do consider gift card, particularly our Preference system. This allows employees to select the gift card retailer that they want, cashing out their gifted balance at a time that suits them.

Even if you select this method, you can still order gift card codes in bulk! Bulk purchasing gift cards saves time and money. Just pick your secure location and ensure you’ve got business rules in place so you can give thanks and recognition at any time. If you’re ready to invest in bulk business cards, get in touch with us today! Email any queries to hello@svmglobal.com, call +44 (0)1709 303 102 or make an order using salesorders@svmglobal.com

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