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How to use gift cards in your marketing strategy

Gift cards allow people to buy things of their choice at any retail store and are the most popular form of gifting nowadays and whilst you might buy them for your friends and family, it’s also well worth looking at ways you can include gift cards in your marketing strategy! It seems so obvious – when something has universal appeal – why wouldn’t you use it to engage prospective customers? We’ve had a look at how you could do this in the following ways:

Use Gift Cards at key events

Retailers market at specific times of the year when people are looking for gifts. There is no reason that you shouldn’t offer gift cards as well. By working with SVM Global, we can undertake brand approval so if you want to use a Gift card from a well-known retailer as part of a promotion, we can help get this all signed off. Whether it’s a gift card for purchasing over a certain amount on black Friday or a gift cards for your VIPS as it approaches Christmas, start thinking like a retailer!


We’ve touched on upselling but gift cards can work really well as a free gift card that can compel the buyer to spend some extra money. With Gift Cards, you don’t have the same risks as giving away your own stock if you have a physical product, or time if you sell a service, but instead, can offer a reward that feels like cash but instead is tangible, memorable and traceable. Perhaps you would like to reward people for meeting a purchase threshold, recommending a friend or using your services one more time? By offering a Gift Card as a reward, you start to stand out from the crowd.

Rewards for surveys

Virtual gift cards are very easy to purchase, store and redeem which is why every business should be offering them in return for important customer information. It’s never been more useful to have useable insights into customers and prospects, so offering gift cards or eCode rewards in return for completed surveys, market research or feedback forms is the simple, effective way to gather data that can drive your product and business forward.

Gift cards help in increasing the order sizes, brand authority, customer base and profit of your business if you use them wisely! SVM Global can help you not only get retailer approval from such brands for the use of their name, but can also recommend the card types, values and delivery methods that can amplify your marketing. As the leading provider of eGifts, Gift Codes and Gift Cards for 100’s of suppliers and retailers across the world, if you need a reloadable card, eGift code or a plastic Gift card, SVM Global is the place to buy gift cards at a bulk discounted price. We also offer a range of technical solutions for ongoing reward and recognition in your businesses.

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