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How to improve work place performance and put a smile on your employee’s face

You’ve got an amazing team and your employees work hard but do they know you recognise it? Your business is booming but do you want to do even better? What’s the secret? Let them have a holiday.

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It might sound crazy, but studies prove that workers not only feel happier after a holiday but that they also work harder when they return. The Atlantic reports “small breaks improve concentration [and] long breaks replenish job performance”. On the other hand, Businessweek reports that “vacation deprivation increases mistakes and resentment”. Both reports prove that giving your employees their well earnt holiday is a win win. They come to work with a smile on their face and the company’s performance improves too. So why not reward their hard work and show them that you have noticed them with a TUI gift card.

A TUI gift card will let them discover their smile (which they will bring back with them to work). When you give a TUI gift card your employee can put the credit to the holiday of their choice, whether that’s a weekend in San Francisco, a week-long cruise in the Mediterranean or a fortnight in sunny Florida. There is plenty for them to choose from. So, give them the gift of choice, give them TUI.

And who knows they might bring some souvenirs back for the office.

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