12:00 AM, 08 04, 2016

Increasing Sales With Gift Cards

Gift cards are an inexpensive way to attract new customers and can more than pay for themselves through increased sales revenue – but you may not have considered using them before. 

Here are some easy to implement sales tricks you can use, all with a simple Gift Card as the driving force. 

1. Encourage Repeat Business

A special promotional push can encourage customers to see you as the ideal company to work with time and time again rather than a one off supplier. 

An ideal promotion could target any customer who uses your business with a message to buy again in a set time period with a reward of gift card. 

To ensure ROI, you can use your CRM system to assign the offer only to people who meet a set criteria – e.g. they typically spend over a certain amount, or you can specify that the offer only applies to order of a certain amount. 

2. Reward Frequent High Flyers 

The best people to buy are the people that already value your products and your service. You can run a VIP campaign that specifically looks to target these frequently purchasing customers by letting them know they are ‘1 visit away from their 10th spend – get your complimentary Gift Card on your next visit.’

3. Encourage People Who Abandon Their Basket 

If people have abandoned their basket on your eCommerce site, use retargeting to show them your offer of a Gift card. Alternatively, for sales in B2B that never got the green light, why not send a gift card for a coffee house and arrange a meet up, if they want to talk through? You can order the cards in bulk and keep a track of their success rate through your CRM or a spreadsheet. 

4. Encourage referrals

New business is driven through word of mouth and the power of recommendation. Reach out to current customers or clients and see if they would be keen to refer you. You can either offer a referral to both the new customer, and the existing customer of a gift card once the deal is signed or the sale made, or you could choose to purely motivate your existing customer. If you want to offer a perk for both parties, design an email or print campaign that provides the details of the offer in an easy to read format. 

These are just a few ways that you can encourage new sales through the use of Gift Cards. Interested in starting out? We can provide you with a bulk order of Gift Cards from over 100+ brands worldwide, all shipped to you in any denomination. Speak to us today – email hello@svmglobal.com and we will get back in touch immediately.

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