12:00 AM, 08 24, 2016

Insurance Claims - What do claimants think of the process?

When you work in any sector, it’s easy to become very used to the ‘bubble’ that you reside in and it can be hard to see what’s happening outside of that. We took a look at a great article on NerdWallet in regards to claiming to see what the perception is.

1.Claimants Feel Guilt During The Claims Process

“Remember, you are getting a product you paid for, not a gift. Guilt can sometimes get in the way of your fortitude, but in truth you are asking for only what you bought, not for a freebie”

2.Claimants expect a long process

“Once you submit the necessary forms, be prepared to follow up until your money is in your hands. You may need to write numerous emails and letters. You may need to make many calls in which you’ll be required to select among a dizzying number of departments, often only to be disconnected accidentally or directed to leave a voicemail”.

3.Claimants Expect To Be Passed Around

“Write down the names, phone numbers and email addresses of everyone you talk with and keep notes about the conversation. It can take months to complete a claim, and you can forget whom you talked with and what they said.”

Is it all doom and gloom?

This might be an eye opener for you, and perhaps quite disheartening! If you work in insurance claims, you may already know that there are definite improvements to be made from the customer journey, the documentation and the training associated with receiving a claim.

One thing that can be helped is the actual claim value. If you’re still defaulting to cash or a cheque for claims as diverse as mobile phone breakages to house damage, you may be missing something critical to your customer experience.

For a customer who has a broken phone, an eCode can be the difference between walking into a retailer in the same week and getting a new replacement and cashing a cheque and ordering a new phone, which could make the process extend to 2 weeks.

If you’re interested in really enhancing the customer experience, why not experiment with Gift cards and eCodes as an alternative to your current methods?

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