12:00 AM, 08 12, 2016

Insurance Claims – Making A Great Customer Experience from Unfortunate Circumstances

If you handle insurance claims, it’s fair to say you probably care for customers in their time of need.

Their boiler has broken, leaving their possessions swimming around their home.

A disaster has struck, a break in has occurred or their mobile phone has been lost.

It’s also fair to say that however much you put into training, call handling and tone of voice; it’s a fact that the traditional claims process isn’t conducive to a great customer experience, mainly due to the root cause of the service requirement.

If we walk in the customer’s shoes – here’s what they have to deal with.

First, they have to dig out their policy documents and booklet, find their policy number and then call their helpline. They have the claims form to complete with just a few days to get it to you, finding receipts and on occasion dealing with a loss adjuster.

 Sometimes, things just cannot be replaced through a typical supply chain, when all the customer really wants is their item(s) back and quickly.  With more than 100 retail brands for the customer to choose from with SVM, cash does not need to be the answer.

Here are the issues when issuing cash.

·         Cash – Unsecure, usually paid via BACS with a delay and untraceable.

·         Cheque – Time needed to issue the cheque, with a few days wait for cashing time

·         Gift card for 1 retailer – may be unable to offer the best price for the replacement item, the claim may cover a multitude of items that need to be purchased from a variety of stores and most importantly, the customer may feel pressured into agreeing to a particular card brand during their settlement call.

This means that the customer experience at the part that should be the resolution is flawed.

SVM Global made Choice as a way to help combat this. Choice is a gift code that can be sent via email in minutes after the claim is approved. The value of the claim is added to the code, and the recipient can choose to distribute the balance for gift cards or eCodes for 100’s of retailers. This means they can purchase a gift card that can pay for their sofa, and one that can handle groceries or electricals.


If you’re interested in giving real Choice and a better customer experience, speak to me today. 

Amy Morson

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