02:35 PM, 09 21, 2015

Key Principles of Team Bonding

Following on from our ‘team work’ feature, this blog post will explore five key principles of team bonding. In the end, it all comes down to trust and the ability to have fun. Your employees need to have faith in the team – you need to ensure any issues are resolved fairly and promptly. Team bonding sessions outside of work are always encouraged. SVM Global offers ‘Days Out’ vouchers, which can be redeemed for activities involving: sight seeing, sports, theme park visits and historical excursions. SVM accounts for choice and convenience, as these gift vouchers can be used in lots of venues across the UK. If you’re interested in sustaining employee engagement and encouraging strong workplace ethic, check out the points below, which explain the key principles of team bonding in more detail.

1)      Promote fun! As mentioned previously, it is vital that your employees enjoy coming into work. The bond they share in the office is only strengthened by planning social events outside of work. Activities where they need to think and work together to solve a problem work especially well, or competitive tasks such as paintballing.

2)      Resolve issues fairly and promptly. If there are problems with certain members in your team, try to find out why. Get them to talk and attempt to resolve the issues. Encourage a policy where people must tolerate and respect one another’s views. If certain employees still can’t get along, then consider changing the office layout, so they are interacting with other people instead. 

3)      Recognise and accommodate different personalities. Remember, everyone is unique. There will be those in a team who love speaking in front of a crowd, but there will also be shy members in a team. It’s important not to push somebody out of a conversation. In meetings, encourage contributions from everyone – try to involve all your employees and make it clear that teamwork is about listening to one another and showing mutual support.

4)      Encourage communication and collaborative working. Please do check out our previous blog post on the benefits of having an open plan office. It’s important that you have an open environment, which can encourage employees to engage in productive discussion, in order to share ideas.

5)      Reward hard work. You don’t just need to reward individuals. If you see a particular team working hard, you could always reward them and recognise the good behaviour. Even if this is simply giving them a gift card that will allow them to enjoy a round of drinks together. The Great British pubcard is the perfect product for such an occasion.

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