11:40 AM, 10 14, 2016

SVM continues to invest in lifelong employee learning

SVM Global employees are encouraged to undertake ongoing learning throughout their careers, and as two employees near the end of their courses they have chosen to take, we caught up with them to understand the experience.

Edith Batten is undertaking the IPM Incentive & Motivation Diploma, whilst Matthew Cooper is developing skills in fraud detection and working towards an ICT Advanced Certificate in Managing Fraud.

Edith said of the course;

“We are really focused on providing businesses with the most up to date findings on motivation and incentives because we know gift cards slot so well into schemes that reward, recognise & incentivise. I chose to do the IPM course which gives really up-to-date, well-rounded knowledge on the motivation sector and the theories behind it. Many employees at SVM Global have taken and passed the course before, so I was really keen to take it on myself! It certainly has been a challenge as I have slotted it around a very busy workload and home life, but I am already learning so much and it is great to put the knowledge into practice”

Matthew added;

“I have always been keen to learn more about Fraud Prevention, so this course has been great to go on. I’ve been studying both at work and at home, and I’m nearing the end now. It’s fantastic when I can put into practise the things I’ve learned so I’m really pleased I decided to undertake extra learning through SVM Global.”

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