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Meet the Team: Corporate Accounts

SVM Global’s main responsibility is always our clients, to make sure they get the best possible service. In order to make sure we’re the partners you deserve, we have an amazing Accounts Team who work with our clients to go above and beyond. So read on to meet the team.

What is your job? 

A: Business Development Manager.

R: Account Director.

J: Account Director.

What does this entail?

A: Building new relationships with clients who will benefit from our services.

R: My core responsibility is ensuring that our clients get everything they need and more from us.  If they have any questions or need a new solution, I’m their guy.

J: It’s my job to provide best in class service to all SVM clients across the globe; supporting with all questions and requests about the SVM Business. I act as a client champion within the business to further develop the clients with various initiatives to drive growth and innovation.

How long have you worked at SVM Global?

A: I’ve only been here 3 months, but I already feel like I’ve learnt so much.

R: I’ve been with SVM Global for 1.5 years and 18 years within the industry. 

J: I’ve been here for 4.5 years; I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone. 

What do you like most about SVM Global?

A: SVM Global has a very flat hierarchy from the top down. Everyone’s equally valued and their input is always appreciated.

R: What’s not to like? SVM has an excellent track record of innovation and leadership in the industry. Combined with a healthy working environment and culture that’s committed to the development of its employees, it’s a great place to work. 

J: The people I work with each and every day. That’s the staff here at SVM, my clients who never fail to put a smile on my face and the support of our great suppliers. It is just a fun place to work and no two days are the same.

What do you like most about your role? 

A: The company has great flexibility; it always works with me to help make work and my work/life balance better.

R: I love having the autonomy to succeed without excessive micro-management, I work remotely full-time and as such I’m trusted to produce meaningful results. I work hard to maintain that level of trust, which keeps me motivated and engaged. I also enjoy being recognised, it’s a great feeling when senior management takes the time to say that they appreciate your efforts!

J: I like the variety it brings, from one day to the next, my ‘average’ day changes so much. It is great to get out and meet people, see how they work, what they do and how we can help. It has also been a real pleasure to go out there into the industry and be a represent my company at various events. I think meeting Russell Kane and Harry Redknapp have been two highlights for me.

What do you find most appealing about the Gift Card industry?

A: It’s an industry that continues to evolve. As someone that has worked on new Gift Card products for various companies over the last 5 years, I love the fact that new products are constantly being brought to market.

R: Estimated to be worth over £6bn per year, the rapid growth seen in the Gift Card industry over the last 5 years is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Contributing to this growth and SVM’s continued success is personally both appealing and exciting. 

J: The thing that really surprised me, and continues to appeal to me, is the wide reach our market has. One day we can be supporting people in need by issuing a food voucher, the next we can be rewarding an employee for excellent service, or it’s a promotion supporting the launch of a new product. We really do so much in a variety of innovative ways.

Where do you think the industry is going in the next 5 years?

A: I think we will see an increase in local, digital products. Push notifications are becoming more important; soon retailers will be able to communicate with customers not just on their websites or in their stores but with organic footfall in their local areas.

R: There is an increasing demand for Gift Cards in the corporate sector across the globe. The use of new technologies with an emphasis on digital eGifts has transformed the industry. It’s a predictable trend because of the benefits and convenience of real-time delivery. This trend will certainly continue over the next 5 years as more retailers, small businesses and online stores integrate with aggregators such as SVM Global. 

J: I think we will see a real step into the ‘futuristic’ approach to the everyday. Maybe not at flying cars just yet, but the Tap and Pay capability, Instant Delivery and Push Notifications will no doubt create some amazing innovations. The market has changed so much in the last 4.5 years that I have worked in it, so I look forward to the future and what it holds.

What was your first job?

A: Shelf stacker for Marks & Spencer’s.

R: My first job was working in the kitchen of a takeaway restaurant. Scrubbing ovens for a living after completing a degree in Biotechnology, really puts your employment career into perspective.  

J: My first job was working at Sheffield Arena as a Catering Assistant on the concourse when I was 16. This was a job I loved and learnt so much from that I still use today. I think I was so fond of the people and the job, that is why I remained there for 8 years until finally hanging up my hat.

What would you like to achieve within your role in the next 5 years?

A: To continue to help develop the SVM brand, including the products and the services we provide, our clients and our footprint in the corporate Gift Card and employee benefits market.

R: There is a large diversity of products and services available from SVM, which behind the scenes involves a high level of complexity in terms of processes and systems. Within 5 years I expect to be the oracle of knowledge for all things SVM.

J: In 5 years’ time, I would like my personal success to be shown through the success of my clients. I would like to develop myself further and have more of a strategic focus to my role. Looking at where the business is going and how we innovate and exceed.

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