12:00 AM, 04 22, 2020

Motivating Employees During Times of Adversity

Motivating employees is of the utmost importance to businesses during these times of uncertainty which the world is currently faced with. There are many different ways of motivating employees during normal business, but now things have changed drastically all over the country and the planet. This makes it necessary to rethink how we go about motivating employees so that they remain upbeat throughout these trying times, ultimately allowing your business to come out the other side stronger than ever.

Communication Is Key

Slick communication is essential for any business, and now more than ever, as many employees and companies are all working from home. Frequent and clear communication with your team is what will keep your company running like clockwork and keep motivating employees within your business. Feeling connected to their manager and their colleagues will allow your team members to continue feeling like an integral part of the team, letting them feel motivated, no matter what.

Put weekly or even daily video call meetings in your employees’ diaries to set aside some time to catch up with them, assign them their tasks and listen to any questions or queries they might have. Make sure that you always establish clear goals and expectations for each member of your team so that they can be absolutely certain of what they need to achieve. Motivating employees comes from clear guidance and objectives so that they know they’re doing their job properly and you can be sure that the company's goals will be met.

Although you may all be working from home, there’s no reason why you can’t still offer an open-door policy to your team members. Simply knowing that they can turn to you at any time, for whatever problem they face will help towards motivating employees in your team. Ultimately, good communication leads to higher productivity within your teams, making for excellent employee engagement and morale.

Keeping your employees in the loop at all times is so important during times of adversity. It is in miscommunication or a lack of communication where rumours and uncertainties take hold, so being honest and open with your team will keep motivating employees to put their all into their work. The more information you can share, the better prepared your team will feel, motivating employees to continue working hard, knowing that their managers are building the business. Communicating effectively in this way with your employees will also build trust, as they are aware that their bosses and managers value them enough to share just how the company is coping. Ask your employees for suggestions to allow them to become involved in the recovery process. Putting their ideas into practice will make them feel really valued, motivating employees in your team and in the other teams within the business. Don’t forget to also share success stories and any positive steps the business is taking. Hearing these stories of hope and triumph is sure to keep motivating your employees to continue working at their hardest to overcome whatever challenges they may face.

Moving Forwards In The New Normal

There’s a lot of change in many businesses at the moment, as they navigate the ‘new normal’ and get to grips with a new routine. However, this means that there are also plenty of opportunities for motivating employees. Make sure that you’re still offering them options for growth, so that they always have something to work towards. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a promotion or a pay rise; you could suggest a change in title geared towards something they’re more interested in, or even opportunities to learn through virtual conferences and online learning platforms.

Provide time management training for your employees who are becoming accustomed to working from home, and even consider mentorship. Having a workplace mentor will allow your employees to have someone they can always turn to, helping them to combat any feelings of isolation and also set goals and boost confidence, all of which will allow you to keep motivating employees in your team.

Company culture is so important in motivating employees so maintaining this is essential to keep your team engaged in their work and in the company. Make sure you continue team building through video calls. There’s no reason why you can’t still have team lunches, coffee breaks or games together to keep up those connections and continue motivating employees. Encourage mindfulness and movement within your teams to give your employees the mental capacity and energy to continue their hard work despite the difficulties they’re currently facing. Seeing as many of your employees will be remote working, you could offer them a flexible working environment, so that they can schedule their work around any other responsibilities they have. This will make for more productive teams and will contribute to motivating employees when they know you respect their other commitments whilst they’re at home.

Motivating Employees With Reward And Recognition

Recognising your employees’ hard work is essential to keep them motivated. Your team members who feel appreciated and valued will become more engaged with the work they are doing, keeping them proactive and productive. Always publicly recognise the great work of your team, as this will keep motivating employees in your company to go above and beyond for your business in order to receive the rewards they deserve. This could be anything from a simple thank you, to a bottle of wine or even a gift card that they can use online to buy themselves a treat.

Motivating employees through rewards and recognition is what will keep them engaged with your company and the work they are doing, which is so important during times of adversity. Nurture the relationships you have with your employees and make sure your team know how valued and appreciated they are. Here at SVM Global, our reward programmes will let you keep recognising your hard-working employees through the gift cards that’ll allow them to feel truly treated and valued within your team. Get in touch with our team to keep motivating employees in your company, whatever may come your way.

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