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The Top 6 Workplace Motivation Killers

Are you tired of employees leaving for better paid jobs? You’re not alone, in fact 89% of employers believe that workers are leaving their companies for more money.[1] But in reality, that’s just not the case. Only 12%[2] of employees actually leave for better salaries. So why are people leaving?

63%[3] of employees are disengaged at work, that’s over 6 out of 10 employees at work unhappy and disliking every second; would you do your best work feeling like that? No? Neither do your employees. The cynical thinkers out there might be concluding that a worker’s emotions are their own issue, (in addition to being rather cold hearted) this isn’t the case. Unhappy, disengaged employees are unproductive employees. Demotivation can quickly spread throughout the team; causing a drop in work quality, a poor work atmosphere and ultimately a loss in profits for the business; not to mention the detrimental effect on your team’s health and wellbeing.

Here are the biggest causes of workplace disengagement and lack of motivation:

1. Micromanagement

This is one of the biggest motivation killers out there. The route of the issue is that the manager in question is a perfectionist, and whilst wanting everything and everyone to be at their best isn’t necessarily a bad trait, it sucks the life and energy out of team. One survey revealed a massive 79% of respondents had or were experiencing micromanaging, and that 69% had considered changing jobs because of it.[4] Micromanagement shows a complete lack of trust and respect for individuals and will only lead to two outcomes; your employees will get fed up and leave the company or you will be left with a team who are incapable of independent work. To help curb this habit (and retain more employees) managers can set up weekly meetings in order to track work without causing internal bitterness.

2. Lack of confidence in managers

Too many managers think that their job titles give them a level of respect, but this isn’t the way it works. A massive “85% of executives are not confident in their leadership”.[5] “Respect has to be earnt” is a well known saying for a reason. No matter what your job title is, employee’s (especially the younger generation’s) respect will be based on how you perform and how you treat them. A lack of confidence in management will lead to lower levels of productivity, employee loyalty and morale. This doesn’t mean that you have to be their best friend or their biggest fear; just listen to what they say, recognise and reward when things go well and help them learn and develop.

3. Lack of progression

Would you go that extra mile in a job you knew you’d never progress in? 30% of employees who are considering leaving say that it’s because of a lack of progression opportunities.[6] Having a clear progression plan for employees gives them something to work for, a reason for putting in that extra effort. Without goals they lose their incentive and motivation and you could lose your employee.

4. Strict rules

I’m not suggesting a rule free workplace, there are boundaries. But, there are few things that disengage employees more than the feeling of being controlled and stifled. For example, does it matter if everyone isn’t in a suit? Does everyone need to work the exact same 8 hours?

Every employee is different, and chances are they know what they need to work at their best and when they do it, so trust them. Flexible hours offer employees freedom, it doesn’t mean that they can spend the week in their PJ’s “working from home”, it just means that they have more choice about when they spend their 8 hours working to get the job done. If this does involve some time working a home, does it really matter? If that doesn’t convince you, research shows that 70% of employers claim that flexible hours improve employee loyalty.[7]

5. Lack of communication

Lack of communication is one of the most common causes of employee disengagement. Fortunately, it is also one of the cheapest to resolve. It’s not that managers go into work in the mornings plotting to withhold information from the team, they might not even realise that there is a problem. Often, it’s caused when employees feel like they haven’t got all the information they need to carry out a task. This either means that they have to spend time asking around or they will avoid doing the task. Worst of all, they might do the task but will have misunderstood the requirements and/or information. This means that they will have to redo the task; wasting their time and causing resentment towards their manager.

Simple regular emails and meetings will prevent all the negatives associated with a communication issue. Even just letting staff know what is happening with the company’s goals and performance makes a huge difference to employee morale and motivation.

6. Lack of rewards

Everyone wants to be recognised when their hard work pays off, if no one is rewarded what is the incentive for going the extra mile. In fact, “88% of employees agree it’s important that employers reward employees for great work”.[8]

It doesn’t have to be huge cash bonuses, in reality “65% of employees prefer non-cash incentives”.[9] That’s where gift cards and eGifts come in. They make the perfect reward and motivator because the receiver can choose what they get, they also make someone feel appreciated from as little as £5.

Whether you’re interested in one off spot rewards, seasonal gifts or looking at longer term programmes to motivate your team; SVM Global can offer you and your company a range of reward solutions services through gift cards and eGifts.

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