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Your New Year’s (sales) resolutions

Engaged employees are more likely to be committed to their organisation’s values and take positive action to further their organisation’s goals.

Company award ceremonies are opportunities to highlight employee achievements. Whether the event is a glamorous black-tie affair or a casual break-room presentation, appreciation is the objective of the ceremony. Go beyond refreshments and long speeches to motivate the employees. Use thoughtful awards to create a long- lasting memory of your appreciation.

Rewarding outstanding employee achievement is more than just a nice gesture; it’s an effective communication tool for recognising and reinforcing those accomplishments that have a positive impact on your business. When you recognise staff achievements, you reinforce the actions and behaviours you want your employees to repeat. Simple, immediate and powerfully effective; corporate awards are one of the most effective methods of boosting morale and creating a positive working environment.


When the award ceremony is part of a larger company event, make sure the venue fulfils the presentation's needs. Obviously, it needs to accommodate all employees and be appropriate for an award ceremony. As a global business, you might also need to consider video link up technology for remote workers and/or how you can reward and recognise those employees who cannot make the event in person.

Planning the event

A standard annual award should ideally offer around ten categories and it could cost around £15,000 + VAT for a project management team. If you are offering this in-house, you will need to create your own awards website undertake all the event management and administration. You will need to identify and source suppliers and also look at venue costs, trophy production or production of the event marketing materials. Whilst this sounds simple, it can really start to take a lot of time, so make the right decision!


As well as trophies and cheques that look great for photos, consider gift cards. Gift Cards are unique in that their value can be totally discreet to everyone but the person gifting the card, and the redeemer. You have a range of options when it comes to integrating gift cards into your strategy.

Firstly, you can include gift cards in the run up to the event. Consider that the cost of dressing for the big event is an expense. A gift card balance using something like Preference, where the employee can select to spend their balance with one of their favourite retailers, can really help boost excitement for the event.

These can be delivered via email, all at the same time, even across a global business.

You can also use gift cards on the night itself as either a prize or as a perk. Whether you start to use a gift card as a gifting tool for the winner, the runners up or you just place them on the tables, there is no other gift that can have as much big impact for such as small value. Consider that £10 will get a medium box of chocolates or one branded hoodie or fleece. Whilst you might feel these are more traditional and offer a branding opportunity, a gift card feels more valuable, especially when studies show people usually spend more than the given value when they reach the retail store.

There is no other realistic way to offer bulk employee gifting at scale that has the same impact for the value provided.

And finally, why not deliver gift cards or eCodes after the event. A code delivered via email with a message of thanks to all your nominees will certainly be a moment they remember for many years to come! Don’t forget that however you use your gift cards, the principle part of the reward is always the intention. Be sure to explain why they are receiving the reward and how they have helped contribute to the business and whether it’s a £5 gift card or a gift card for a holiday in the tropics, you will give that same great feeling.

If you’re planning your employee awards ceremony for 2018, then speak to us. We can advise how gift cards can be used to give effective, long lasting employee satisfaction as part of your reward strategy. With offers on bulk gift card orders available, speak to us today and we can guide you to selecting the cards and delivery methods that will ensure your event goes with a bang!

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