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Planning the Office Christmas Party: Making it memorable

So, you’ve been given the task of organising the office Christmas party this year. Whilst many may dread this task, it’s actually an opportunity to show off your organisational skills, get your colleagues together and just have fun. Your office Christmas party will be the one that’s talked about for years to come, just have a look at our tips and tricks below and planning the office Christmas party will be plain sailing.

Mastering the Organisation

The first task of any office Christmas party organiser is to decide on a date and time. Get this in early so everyone can add it into their calendars, because trying to get someone at short notice in December is close to impossible.

Next, decide on a venue, whether that’s at your office or out somewhere. Going out means you can all get out of the office for a bit, and a lot of the legwork is likely to be done for you, such as catering and decoration. However, staying in for the office Christmas party gives more of a homely atmosphere; you can decorate it however you want, and there are no restrictions on the food or drink that people can bring.

Choosing a theme is next on the list. How should your colleagues dress for the office Christmas party? You could have a Christmas film theme where everyone has to dress as their favourite character, or how about a festive 80’s or 90’s theme? Alternatively, you could keep it simple with Christmas jumpers. The theme can also help you to decide what decorations to get.

Next is the fun part of organising the office Christmas party. Get stuck into picking out decorations and deciding what the food is going to be. If you’re staying in for the office Christmas party, you can really go wild with Christmas decorations. You can even get all your colleagues involved, making paper decorations to hang around the office and decorating the tree.

The finishing touches to any office Christmas party are the music and the games. Music is easy, create a Christmas playlist and plug your phone into a speaker. You could even ask everyone in advance to send a song or two that they’d like to hear to get them into the festive spirit. When it comes to games, there are loads to choose from, just make sure they’re fun, inclusive, and bear in mind that everyone likes prizes.

The office Christmas party is also the perfect opportunity to show your staff just how much you appreciate their hard work. A little token of your gratitude will go a long way towards boosting staff morale and making the office Christmas party one to remember. With SVM Corporate or SVM freedom, you can buy the gift cards or prepaid Mastercards® that will make faces light up at your office Christmas party.

Impressing with Entertainment

It’s not an office Christmas party without a festive quiz of some sort. You could create a Christmas film trivia quiz, a historical quiz or even a musical quiz to get everybody engaged and enjoying a bit of friendly competition. You could stage joke award ceremonies for everyone in the office, and even get people to vote beforehand on the ‘most likely to have a coffee comedown’ or the ‘office clown’.

If you’re trying to organise festive games for your office Christmas party, you can’t go far wrong with an old classic with a yuletide twist. A bauble and spoon race will get everybody involved and creates friendly competition and comradery. For something different, organise a Christmas carol pictionary whereby there’s a lot of running back and forth whilst each team takes a pencil to draw out a Christmas carol for the others to try and figure out. As you’ve probably guessed, the team to guess the most carols wins!

As with any competitions or games at the office Christmas party, there should be plenty of prizes for all the winners, and also dish out some prizes for the best costume or Christmas jumper. If you’re stuck for ideas for prizes, take a look at SVM Corporate or SVM freedom to bulk buy the prizes that your colleagues will really want to compete for!

No office Christmas party is complete with some sort of Secret Santa. You could go traditional where everybody pulls a name from a hat a few weeks prior, set a budget and then get together to open them up on office Christmas party day. You could even mix things up by getting everyone to guess who bought their present. If you want to try something different, try a White Elephant game, where everyone buys a present for no one in particular, and on the day, incorporate a swapping and stealing game as one by one, the presents are opened.

Festive Fare

If you’ve chosen a venue, you’ll likely be given options for a three-course meal, which can make your job as organiser a lot easier. If you’re staying in, there’s more freedom. Ask everyone what they might fancy for their office Christmas dinner and order it in from a supermarket or restaurant. You could even create another competition where you ask everyone to bring a dish and vote on the best one! Christmas baking is another really great way to bring the office together, sharing what everyone has made and competing to make the most festively decorated bakes.

The office Christmas party should be a time for relaxation and team bonding, so make it impossible for your colleagues to say no by using some of these ideas to make it a Christmas to remember. Head over to SVM Global to sort out your presents and prizes by bulk ordering the gift cards and prepaid Mastercards to make sure each and every one of your team members feel valued and ready to head into the New Year motivated.

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