01:40 PM, 09 11, 2015

Reasons why you should have an open plan office

SVM Global’s new ‘feature’ for the month has been decided! We want to talk about teamwork. What does teamwork mean? Can we share any success stories? How do we encourage teamwork? As this is the first post in the feature list, we’d like to share our own personal success story and we’d like to promote the use of an open plan office.

At SVM Global, we have an open plan office to encourage everyone to work as a team. Different departments will work alongside one another and the working space is wide and welcoming, encouraging interdepartmental collaboration and communication. We also have a system in place involving peer to peer recognition, where we can reward one another with a gift card every month, as a way to say a small thank you!

By adopting an open working environment, we don’t just reward within our own teams – we get to see the wider picture and reward and motivate our other fellow colleagues! If you want your employees to engage with one another and generate novel, innovative ideas, why not give it a try? You could also benefit from reduced costs involved in creating walls for structural separation. Your employees will be quicker to find out everyone’s name and role, so they will know exactly who to contact if they need help!

As the first post for the feature, this is short and sweet, but please do stay tuned for our upcoming tips. We’ll even be giving information about how we plan to use team work to complete the Bupa run, so we can give a little to Bupa and make a difference. Sponsor details will follow. If you’re interested in supporting a good cause, feel free to follow @svm_global on Twitter for further details.

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