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Loyalty Schemes: Rewarding your clients for their continued custom

Rewarding your clients and customers is just as important as rewarding your employees. As much as you need your team to remain loyal and do their best work, you need your customers to keep coming back time and time again. So to keep them on side, rewarding them for their continued custom not only makes them feel valued, but puts you in a good light as a company, making them far more likely to return.

Why Have a Loyalty Scheme?

Rewarding your customers with a loyalty scheme is a really successful way to keep them coming back to your business. If they know they’ll get a treat for using your products or services, they’re going to keep buying from your company. Rewarding your clients with loyalty schemes also gets them talking about your business to their friends and fellow business owners, which opens the welcome opportunity for referrals.

If you’re putting a loyalty scheme in place and rewarding your clients for using your business, this naturally results in better customer satisfaction, which only ever puts your business in a favourable light. Good customer satisfaction leads to repeat business, which inevitably means greater profit for your company, so rewarding your customers will always be worthwhile.

Rewarding valued clients not only helps you keep hold of your customers, but will also help you to attract new ones. Once word gets out about your rewarding loyalty scheme, customers will be lining up to try out your product or service. Rewarding your customers also puts you in a better position for up-selling. By giving your customers a reward, they may feel more welcoming about you asking them for something in return, which can lead to bigger business deals and significantly improved customer relationships.

By appreciating your customers and everything they do for your business, you’ll be able to step forward and take the lead against your competitors, taking the limelight in your industry. Rewarding your clients and customers shows you care about them and their custom, which will improve your brand image, get more people talking about your company, and get more business on your doorstep.

Personal Touches

Rewarding as businesses can often feel impersonal, so surprise your clients with a hand-written note, thanking them for their custom, and letting you know how much you value them. It would also be a thoughtful touch to feature your customers in your newsletter or mention them on your social media channels. You could consider shouting about a customer of the month, or even simply sharing a short paragraph promoting your client to your network. This will go a long way to letting your customers feel valued, making them increasingly more likely to revisit your business.

One of the main things that makes people feel valued is simply asking for their opinion. Write to your clients to ask them for some feedback on their recent purchase to show you care about your business and the quality you’re offering your clients whilst giving your customers the opportunity to raise any concerns. Even if everything isn’t as your customers expected, simply by asking for their feedback will make them more likely to return, knowing you’re striving to improve.

Rewarding your clients with something personal doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out process. It could be something as simple as a referral bonus when they send new clients your way. It could even be something as small as asking to meet them for a coffee. Rewarding your clients by spending time with them is sure to make them feel valued, and encourages excellent client relationships, which will only result in continued custom.

One of the most rewarding things you can offer your clients is to become their customer too. This not only shows how much you value them as a client, but lets them know that you think their business is fantastic enough to use it yourself. These sorts of arrangements make for really positive connections that can last for years.

Rewarding With Gifts

When you want to reward your clients with a physical gift to show your appreciation, you could consider rewarding them with something as small as a packet of sweets for themselves or for everyone in their office. Alternatively, you could send tea or coffee packages to your clients’ offices so they know you’re thinking of them and appreciate their custom. Rewarding your clients with gifts for the office will go down well, showing them that you’ve thought about their needs. You could send some plants for their desk, some new notebooks for the team, or even some reusable coffee cups for your clients to make use of when they’re out and about.

Rewarding your customers when your company reaches a significant milestone lets them share your glory, knowing they’ve helped you to get there. A personalised gift or a gift card is perfect for this kind of occasion for you to really showcase just how much you appreciate every client who has passed through your office.

Here at SVM Global, we can set your business up with the loyalty scheme that’ll take your customer retention rates through the roof, keeping them coming back for more time and time again. Our loyalty schemes let you send out gift cards from all kinds of different retailers to all your best clients and customers, letting them choose a treat that’ll really make them feel appreciated. Take a look at our website to start rewarding your customers with gift cards and start seeing for yourself all the benefits our loyalty scheme can bring.

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