08:49 AM, 01 13, 2017

Show Them They Matter

Rewards and incentives aren’t just a cheap trick to plaster over cracks in the workplace. Used properly, they should form part of your culture. You should be thanking, gifting and congratulating a job well done, when it’s deserved. That doesn’t mean every small moment needs to be captured and celebrated, but the things that matter to your employees do need to be recognised – something as simple as a coffee gift card might make a difference. On top of this you should also be talking about the future – training, job titles, responsibilities – showing employees that in the future vision of your company, they’re there with you.

  • Are there ‘favourites’ in the business who are promoted or otherwise rewarded far out of line to similar employees?
  • Are there people who are seemingly ‘untouchable’ who are rude, unresponsive or aggressive to other employees, but who are never reprimanded?
  • Are there a few people who hold all the knowledge, and some who hold none?
  • Do you encourage social gatherings and time to create a friendly social climate?
  • Are you consistent in how you act and what you expect?

Reward and recognise employees for the things they do with Gift cards!

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