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Showing Appreciation: Finding the corporate gifts that’ll make morale soar

Corporate gifts are becoming more common in the office now that workplace wellness is becoming more widely talked about. Be they for clients or employees, corporate gifts are an excellent way to show your appreciation, so are definitely worth considering, whatever the time of year.

But what corporate gifts do you choose? Too little seems stingy and too much could appear overly flashy. The key is little corporate gifts throughout the year, simply to show your appreciation for hard work and loyalty, and then splash out a little more on birthdays, work anniversaries or other special occasions. Whatever you choose, a thoughtful treat will let your team and your clients know you’re pleased to have them on board.

Foodie Treats

Treats for the tastebuds are the perfect corporate gifts to bring smiles to faces. This could be anything from a simple packet of sweets left on your employees’ desks to a gourmet food basket full of healthy snacks for the team working for your new client. If you’re looking to boost morale in the office, then something like a fancy type of coffee or a selection of teas make ideal corporate gifts. If it’s a birthday, a little tipple such as wine or whiskey will go a long way towards showing how much you appreciate their work or their custom. Otherwise, sending a gift card for a restaurant means your employees can head out for dinner on the boss, or your new client can treat the whole team to lunch.

Gifts to Take Home

Giving your employees corporate gifts that they can take home with them shows them that you’re really thinking about them. They’ll be able to see how much you value not just their work, but them too. Bags, umbrellas and keyrings give them something to take to and from work, reminding them every day how much they are appreciated.

Maybe your employees are into gadgets, in which case, send them home with a digital photo frame or a VR headset. Or if they’re more into their relaxation, coffee table books will be a welcome read once they get home from a hard day at work. If you’re stuck for ideas, a gift card lets your valued team choose their own treat, really allowing you to express how much you appreciate their dedicated work.

For the Office

When it comes to your clients, often the safest bet is sending corporate gifts which you know they can make use of. More often than not, this can include fun, interesting and even stylish office supplies. It’s understandable that you might not know their personal hobbies and interests, but sending over a few personalised pens shows you appreciate their custom, whilst also being a really useful gift. USBs come in all shapes and sizes these days, making for really fun corporate gifts that they’ll actually thank you for next time theirs goes awol.

If there’s one thing workers like, it’s something to enjoy a drink from. Kitting the team out with their own branded water bottles and reusable coffee cups could well be the most appreciated corporate gifts you purchase, encouraging your team to stay hydrated and eliminating the need for ‘where’s my mug?’ arguments!

Things you can put on desks also make great corporate gifts. This could be little succulents or plants that your employees can have on their desks to bring a bit of the outside world in. Or it could be mini desk games to send to your clients to put a bit more fun into their working day. Photo frames will bring a reminder of their loved ones to work, but will no doubt be replaced by the office prankster with a picture of themselves.

If you’re looking to make your corporate gifts a bit more fun, stationery always goes down a treat. Stickers and post-it notes help to put a bit of excitement into paperwork. Squeeze-balls and fiddle cubes can also help to bring stress-levels in the office down if you have a busy working environment.

Calendars and diaries also make really useful corporate gifts, allowing your clients to organise their schedules and pencil in all your meetings! Portable phone and laptop chargers are great corporate gifts for your field-based employees, giving them peace of mind that they’ll always be able to remain connected.

Above and Beyond

Sometimes you’ll want to send corporate gifts that go over and above to show your employees and clients how much you value them. Perhaps your longest-serving employee is retiring, or you want to celebrate your biggest client yet. Extra special corporate gifts could be a brand new watch to give them something special to wear, a kindle to read during their retirement, or headphones to use on their commute. Corporate gifts like briefcases, wallets and business card holders can even be engraved with their initials to make them much more personal.

If you’re looking to give corporate gifts to your biggest and most loyal clients, chances are, there isn’t much that they need, so it’s all in the gesture. Charitable donations are fantastic corporate gifts for your clients, showing that you care about the world and giving them something truly meaningful.

Otherwise, why not splash out on a gift card when you’re buying corporate gifts? This way you can offer your client or your employee something they’ll really value that they can ultimately pick out themselves.

When it comes to corporate gifts, it’s important to offer something both meaningful and useful. Here at SVM Global, we have all sorts of incentives and rewards that you can use within your recognition schemes to make your employees and customers feel really special. Take a look at our products to decide which corporate gifts will work best for your business.

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