12:00 AM, 05 13, 2020

Staff Motivation Techniques To See You Through Lockdown

Staff motivation techniques vary from business to business and all the different styles of working. Now the nation’s in lockdown and a normal way of working may be some time away, it’s essential to keep encouraging staff motivation in order to keep your operations running smoothly and your business progressing.

Adjusting To A Different Style Of Working

With many people now working from home, and many others having to socially distance whilst they’re at work, there are lots of factors to get used to during our new working days. Many businesses have not only had to change the way they work, but with projects being dropped and staff being furloughed, the way they spend their days has also had to change.

With work dropping for many, now’s the time to focus on longer term projects to keep staff motivation up. There will come an end to this strange time, so looking ahead and focusing on the bigger picture is what will keep your business moving forwards and your staff motivation levels high. You could look at your budgets, the structure of your business, establishing goals and ways to improve your efficiency. Plus, keeping your team involved in these processes will keep them motivated, knowing that the business will come out the other side stronger than ever.

Looking back on previous projects is also a productive way for your team to spend their days. Take a look at data from past strategies to see what worked best, collect new data to work from and encourage your team members to discuss their results amongst each other, in order to promote collaboration, discussion and staff motivation.

This is also a great time to get as ahead as possible with those little jobs that always seem to be put off. Take advantage of the extra time on your hands and spend a few hours cleaning and organising your emails, any folders on your computer, and data that needs to be analysed. Keep staff motivation up by advising your team that getting ahead now will mean that once business is back up, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. Make sure your team stay on their toes and encourage them to take this time to get to grips with any new software or processes that the business is keen to implement, so that they’ll be up to speed when work gets busy again. Encouraging your employees to engage in this kind of professional development, as well as any training and learning opportunities that may benefit them and their role will keep staff motivation at an all time high.

Make sure your team are staying healthy, both physically and mentally. These are unprecedented times for all of us, and there’s a lot to come to terms with, so staying well should be at the top of everyone’s priority list. Once your team see that their wellbeing comes first, this will also keep your staff motivation levels high. If your team are still on-site, ensure that safety is a priority and always make sure that your team are sticking to the social distancing guidelines. This will help with staff motivation as your team will see you care about their health, and will be encouraged to continue doing their job both well and safely. You could also introduce flexible working for your team. With changes in structure and processes, your team will need to find the ways that allow them to continue working productively. Allowing them the freedom to choose their own timetables will keep staff motivation and engagement levels up.

Exploring New Ways Of Communicating

Communication is so important in these uncertain times, and keeping on top of it is sure to maintain your staff motivation levels. Now’s your opportunity to really get to know your team members and find out how they’d like to progress within the organisation. Knowing their interests and how they’d like to develop will let you offer them the tools and training they need to achieve their own goals, ultimately seeing staff motivation soar.

Checking in with your team regularly and maintaining social interactions is essential to keep up morale and staff motivation, and is also important to ensure each and every member of your teams know what they need to be doing at all times. Honest communication from their line managers is what will keep your team motivated through these tricky times. If you’re all working from home, you could organise some online team building activities, or consider creating a virtual community to allow your team to chat with each other and bring back those water cooler moments.

Staff motivation is all about communication, so whatever is thrown at your business, remain calm and demonstrate a clear path forward for the business and for each and every one of your team members. Listen to your team’s worries and problems and navigate a way through for them to show how much you care for your team, encourage productivity, remove distraction, and ultimately increase staff motivation.

Encouraging Staff Motivation Through Recognition

Recognition is an excellent way to encourage staff motivation. Whether you’re working at home or not, always share the ways in which your team have excelled. Praising publicly like this shows your team how much you value their hard work, and also encourages others to go above and beyond too.

In times like this, instant appreciation will go a long way towards upping staff motivation bit by bit. Make sure that even though our working days have changed, you continue to celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, milestones and achievements to show your team that you’re thinking of them and you value them, despite the current challenges.

When it comes to staff motivation, it’s so important to keep your employees engaged with their work and with the business, so that your operations can continue to run as productively as possible. Provide flexible benefits to your team members so they can choose the rewards that will positively impact their lives the most. Send personal messages of appreciation to your team members who go the extra mile so they can see that their efforts are making a difference. If you want to safely see staff motivation rise, our reward programmes here at SVM Global allow you to send no-contact eGifts to your team members, to recognise their hard work by letting them treat themselves with something they really want. These rewards show your team how much you value their efforts, particularly during these testing times. Get in touch with our team to display your appreciation and see staff motivation and morale soar.

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