12:00 AM, 04 01, 2020

Staff Treats; Non-physical rewards that’ll keep your team going

Staff treats may be on the back burner for the time being, but bringing them to the forefront of your motivation strategy will see morale within your team soar at a time when it needs to most.

With many of us working at home under the current climate, it could be tricky to provide staff treats to your team, but with a little creativity and innovation, you can reward your employees even more efficiently than before.


Work Perks


As your team may be working from home, one of the best staff treats to introduce is flexi-time and autonomy. Some of your team may have children, pets or other responsibilities that need tending to whilst they’re at home, so offering them the opportunity to work during the hours which are most productive to them will not only let them breathe a sigh of relief, but will ultimately allow them to work even more efficiently, making it a staff treat that you can all be thankful for. You could also reward your team with an extra paid day or two off to show them how much you appreciate their hard work during these trying times.

One of the most productive staff treats you can offer your team is the opportunity to develop. Whilst your team have a bit of extra spare time on their hands, you could sign them up to a training course, or even put some time in the diary to mentor them yourself on a subject they’re interested in developing in.

Working from home can be tricky, particularly if your team aren’t used to it, so something as small as scheduling regular one-to-one meetings could be just the staff treats your team are craving. Knowing that they’re working on the right projects in the most effective way will likely be exactly the motivation boost your team need to continue working productively.


Recognition With Staff Treats 


Recognition certainly goes a long way in times of uncertainty, particularly when you can’t be physically with your team. Now’s a great time to start up an employee of the month scheme, letting you shout about someone who’s gone above and beyond over the previous few weeks. A letter of recognition and thanks from the boss will also let your team know that their hard work is appreciated and that they are a valued member of the workforce. If hand-written letters are a no-go, then a simple thank you email will go a long way to lighten up your employee’s inbox and their day. You could even consider sending a company-wide email of thanks to recognise one or several employees who have been working exceptionally hard.

Public shoutouts on social media make great staff treats, as your employees will feel so valued knowing the whole company’s following is aware of how hard they’ve been working for their clients and customers. You could also recognise hard-working employees on your company’s newsletter, making for a wonderful surprise when your employees read it.

If you want to go all out with your staff treats, you could even create a video to send out to your employees, in which you recognise the achievements of your team and praise their efforts. This will make your team feel really valued and appreciated for the work they’re doing, even though they might not be in the office right now. LinkedIn recommendations also make great staff treats; publicly showing your employees how much you value their skills and expertise, and potentially giving them the opportunity to develop their career at your company.

Another great way to give staff treats is by letting your employees reward each other. This could be with a points system or simply an announcement. Encouraging your employees to recognise each others’ achievements will make for a supportive company culture and will bring a sense of morale to your team, which is exactly what the working world needs right now!


Great Gifts To Motivate Your Team

Staff treats can often come in the form of gifts, but in the current circumstances, it’s tricky to reward your employees with physical presents. This is where electronic or online gifts come in. One of the most thoughtful staff treats that your employees are sure to appreciate right now is a music or TV subscription, so they can listen to their favourite playlist as they work productively, or they can unwind after work with a new series or documentary. Giving your team the tools to switch off are exactly the kind of staff treats that’ll make your team feel valued at the present time.

You could also consider signing your team up for a subscription to a meditation or exercise app. It’s important to keep your team’s minds and bodies healthy in a time like this, so offering them the staff treats that’ll keep them calm as well as energised is sure to make them feel valued. A charitable donation on their behalf will also show them that you’re thinking of them in these trying times, and will also showcase your company as generous and giving, as you’re seen to be giving back to those who really need it right now.

Audiobooks and ebook vouchers will also be excellent staff treats at the moment, with your team spending more time than ever at home. Letting them choose some books to get lost in will help them to pass their spare time in a productive and creative way.

If you want to give your team something to look forward to; something that’ll keep them working hard throughout these times of uncertainty, send them an eGift for a retailer that they’ll really enjoy. This will show them how much you appreciate their work right now, and will give them the motivation to push through, with incredible staff treats for themselves at the end of this uncertain period.

Here at SVM Global, our incentive schemes will let you reward your team electronically, showing them that you care about their wellbeing and you value their hard work. These staff treats will go a long way towards boosting morale and upping motivation, wherever your offices are at the moment. Get in touch with our team to send uplifting staff treats to your hard-working remote team.


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