12:00 AM, 03 27, 2020

Staying Productive: Motivating home working employees

Home working is something many of us are now finding ourselves doing, and whilst we’re all trying to find the right ways to motivate ourselves, some of us are also trying to motivate their teams. Home working is totally new to a lot of companies, so finding the right methods to stay productive and keep each other motivated is essential in times such as these.

Taking the time to motivate your home working employees in these moments of uncertainty will ultimately be what keeps your business performing productively throughout, meaning when you return to the office, you’ll all feel more motivated than ever.

The Tools For the Job

First thing’s first when home working; all of your employees will need the right tools and technology for their tasks. Having the right technology; ideally the equipment that your employees are used to working on, will make for a seamless switch to home working. Simply asking them if they have everything they need will help them to feel more valued. If they’re struggling in any way, this then provides you with the opportunity to give them some advice as to how to work more productively in their personal circumstances.

If a home working routine is set to become the norm for anyone in your business, you also might consider offering them a budget so that they can improve their home working space with a desk, a chair or even some plants. Allowing them to set up their home office will let them craft a space that lets them work at their most productive level.

Keeping Communication Up

When all of your team are home working, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of communication, particularly if none of you are used to working from home. Make sure you schedule regular catch-ups with every member of your team, as well as whole group meetings, so that everybody can get up to speed with what their colleagues are up to. During these meetings, make sure to share any company updates and achievements, to keep your home working team feeling motivated. Also encourage your team members to share their own positive experiences; be they personal or professional. Hearing inspiring stories will encourage everyone to stay motivated in times of uncertainty. It’s also a good idea to set up a social space or group chat for your team, so everyone feels connected at all times. Encourage your team to keep in touch with each other too, building on your company culture and boosting morale at every opportunity.

When catching up with your home working team, make sure that you always set clear goals, objectives and expectations. With communication being more of a challenge, it’s essential to make sure that your guidance is clearly understood so that tasks can still be undertaken productively. You can help with this by staying connected and communicating as much as possible with your team. Use video calling so that you can all see each other’s faces. It’s easier to connect this way, and will also lift your team’s spirits to see a smiling face on their screens.

We’re very lucky that technology is so wonderful these days, and there’s no better time to make the most of it. Your home working team can quite literally appear at the touch of a button now, so it’s so easy to stay on top of communication. Each and every member of your team should be aware of their responsibilities during their time working from home, and checking in with them regularly in this way will make sure everybody knows exactly where they stand, and what they should be working on during this period of home working.

A big way to keep your home working team motivated is simply by letting them know that you are available at any time to answer their queries, lend an ear and give a helping hand. Knowing they can still come to you for any issues they’re facing will let your team carry on working in the most productive way.

Building Home Working Morale

In times of adversity, it really is the little things that will see your team through, so make sure you continue to give them positive feedback for the work they’re doing. The switch to home working can be a learning curve for many, so make sure you take this into account and offer as much support and praise as possible.

When you can’t be physically with your team, it’s better for everyone to look at the accomplishments achieved rather than the time spent on the job. Trust your team to work however is best for them by allowing them to manage their own days and structure their own schedules. Enjoying this responsibility will let your team feel valued, allow them to work to their advantages and will ultimately encourage them to stay motivated and produce their best work as they become accustomed to home working.

Engage with your employees and make sure you keep them all up to date with the progress of the company, and in particular the goals their hard work has allowed the business to achieve. Give your home working employees a helping hand if they need assistance with time management or with a particular task, and show a genuine interest in their lives, their wellbeing and their development. Always show your appreciation by way of thanks, recognition and even rewards.

If you don’t already have an employee reward scheme, now is certainly the time to introduce one. Now more than ever, your home working employees will need to feel motivated, so sending them little rewards for their hard work will go a long way. It’s the little things that are keeping everyone going, so showing your employees how much you value their continued hard work will inspire them to keep motivated throughout their home working experience. Here at SVM Global, our reward programmes will let you show your appreciation to your home working employees by way of an eGift that means there’s no contact needed, and your team members can look forward to using their reward when everyone is back in business.

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