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Setting Up A Successful Staff Benefits Programme

When starting out with your staff benefits programme, there are many aspects to consider. Having the right benefits programme will increase your employees’ productivity, reduce the amount of sick days taken by your team, and will even help you to attract and retain the top talent in your industry.


Making sure you set your benefits programme up in the right way for your business is essential to start seeing the outcomes that’ll put your company ahead of your competitors.


First Thing’s First, Think About Your Goals

When setting up your benefits programme, in order to make it a success for your business, it needs to be in line with your objectives. You’ll need to consider the outcomes you’d like to achieve, and then work out how your employee benefits programme will support your aims.


Whether it’s boosting morale or attracting potential new recruits, your benefits programme can work hand-in-hand with your objectives, helping you achieve the positive outcomes you’re after.


Talk To Your Team


Listening to your employees and their needs is the key to an effective benefits programme. In order to achieve the results your business is striving for, your benefits programme needs to be tied with the wants and needs of your staff. Offering them a benefits programme with the things they value the most will set your scheme up for success.


Simply ask your team what they would like out of a benefits programme, and this will leave your employees motivated to work towards their own goals, as well as those of the company. As you develop your benefits programme, ask your team for feedback along the way, so you can mould your scheme to the current needs of your staff, and make sure the benefits are relevant to your team, as well as desirable and achievable.


The Ins And Outs Of Your Benefits Programme


When picking the perks that’ll form your benefits programme, make sure you offer both choice and flexibility so that your benefits will suit each and every member of your team. You could also take a look at your competitors’ benefits programmes to get an insight into what they’re offering and how your business can go above and beyond in order to attract and retain the top talent.


Your benefits programme can improve employee satisfaction in a number of ways, from making them feel valued to upping their motivation. Some of your benefits can be designed to increase employee engagement by being tailored towards their wellbeing. This could be things like a gym membership or childcare vouchers. Keep your employees covered with protective benefits such as health or life insurance, that’ll give your team the peace of mind to keep their eyes on the jobs at hand. Finally, make sure your benefits programme is also rewarding. This could be by providing discounts, giving gift cards or even offering free lunches at work. These are the things that will really see a positivity push in your office, as your team enjoy the benefits that really make them feel appreciated.


Gift cards allow your team to feel valued through a treat of their own choosing. You can ask your team which kinds of rewards they would prefer, and by sending over their preferred gift card when they go above and beyond, you’ll make them feel appreciated and motivated to continue their productive and positive work for your company.


Consistent Communication


Once you’ve launched your benefits programme, keep a close eye on how it’s performing, so you can make sure it’s always running at its best. Have a look at how your benefits programme is increasing productivity and efficiency in your office, and how it could even be improved. This will make sure your company is always seen as a front runner to potential new recruits and even clients too. When prospects see how well you care for your team and how productive and motivated your staff are, they’ll be queuing up at the door to work with you.


Keep communication flowing so you can be sure that your benefits programme is always relevant to the needs of your team. This way, you can not only be sure that your benefits programme is working in the best way possible, but you can also ensure that it’s financially efficient, as you’ll only be investing in the benefits your team really enjoy and are motivated by.



Making sure that your benefits programme is aligned with your aims as well as the needs of your team will allow you to achieve a scheme that’ll set your staff and your company up for success. Here at SVM Global, our benefits programmes are tailored around the needs of your business, with customisable options to suit your staff. We’ll provide the gift cards that are at the top of your team’s wish list, so you can be sure your benefits programme is suiting your staff down to a T. Take a look at our website to start choosing a benefits programme that will work wonders for your workforce.

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