12:00 AM, 11 19, 2019

SVM freedom Mastercard®: The prepaid card you’ve been searching for

If you’re looking for a prepaid card to reward loyalty or provide incentives, then look no further. We’re excited to introduce SVM freedom Mastercard; our prepaid card that’s sure to elevate the success of your business.

Loyalty and incentive schemes are great ways to keep your employee retention rate high and keep your customers coming back again and again, so it’s worthwhile investing in a prepaid card that’s sure to keep your employees, customers and members loyal to your brand and your business.

Benefits of the Prepaid Card

So without further ado, let’s get to know a bit more about our prepaid card. As an open loop prepaid card, SVM freedom can be used on our different programmes such as loyalty schemes, incentive schemes or service awards. The prepaid card is ideal to be used for refer-a-friend schemes, sales incentives and employee incentives.

Being an open loop prepaid card, you can use SVM freedom anywhere you’d use your bank card, just like you would a normal debit card. Our prepaid card can be used as many times as the recipient would like, up to the value of their card, and they’re not restricted to one specific retailer. This means they can use their prepaid card just like a debit card, but with the added excitement of it being gifted to them. Being able to use their prepaid card wherever they’d like makes it even more of a treat, as they can choose something they’ve had their eye on for a while, courtesy of your business’s generosity.

Our prepaid card can be loaded in sterling pounds or the euro, so your employees, customers and members aren’t even restricted to choosing their reward in their own country. They could use their reward towards a special trip away, or a nice meal out when they arrive. This freedom makes our prepaid card that bit more flexible and all the more rewarding.

Your SVM Programme Manager will take care of all compliance issues such as those relating to the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be sure the distribution of your prepaid Mastercards is not only regulated but ensures the integrity of the financial markets in the UK. This essentially means that you can hand out your prepaid cards without a worry.

The lucky recipient of the prepaid card will have access to all their own statements, allowing them to manage their card themselves and keep an eye on what they’ve spent and what they have left to spend too.

You can design your prepaid card exactly how you’d like it. SVM freedom is flexible according to what loyalty or rewards programme you’d like to use your prepaid card for. You can tailor your cards to have shorter expiry dates if you’d like to, and you can even proudly present them in branded carriers and wallets to remind your employees, members and customers just who has rewarded them with their prepaid card. With the ability to explore any of these additional extras you may require, SVM freedom can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be to benefit your business, your employees and your customers.

Our prepaid card is available as a virtual code or as a physical card, so however you’d like your reward scheme to work, SVM freedom can accommodate. Virtual codes are great for sending out en-masse to your company as you can simply send the codes to your employees’ email addresses. Physical cards are also really nice rewards as the recipients can enjoy the feeling of a physical gift that they can go out and make use of. These can also be tailored to your brand, so they can represent your business wherever they choose to use their prepaid card.

Benefits to Your Business

There are all sorts of benefits of using a prepaid card within your rewards scheme, not least that a prepaid card allows the recipient to really choose whatever they want for their reward, giving morale and loyalty an even stronger boost.

SVM freedom Mastercards are ideal for service awards. As might be the case for many of your employees and certainly your customers, you might not know them as well as you’d like. This is where a prepaid card comes in when you want to show them how much you appreciate them; SVM freedom allows you to give your employees, members or customers a special reward, and lets them choose something that is really going to make them feel appreciated, from any shop they’d like. This kind of rewards scheme is sure to make for better morale in the workplace and stronger loyalty from both your customers and your employees.

One of the great things about SVM Freedom is that it can be branded to your company, but can still be used anywhere a normal bank card can. With your branding on the card, you’ll find that the recipients will actually be more likely to spend their reward with you, even though they can actually spend it anywhere. Plus, with your branding on the card, your employees, customers and members are reminded of your company and your generosity every time they spend on their prepaid card, letting them associate you and your business with the positive experience of truly treating themselves.

Having effective loyalty, rewards and incentives schemes reflects incredibly well on you and your business, and a prepaid card goes a long way towards showing how much you appreciate the people who help to make your business as great as it is. SVM freedom Mastercard is the prepaid card you’ve been searching for to really boost your business, increase your custom and elevate morale in your workplace.

Take a look at SVM freedom to explore how a prepaid card can improve your business, your operations and your results.

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