12:00 AM, 04 21, 2016

SVM Global and SVM Cards – Leaders In Tech

We sat down with our leaders in tech – Chris Mays from SVM Global based in the UK, and John Driscoll based in SVM Cards in Illinois - to talk about combined tech power, and how SVM lead gift card technology- wherever we are in the world!

How important is it unify the technologies between SVM Global UK & The U.S?

Chris“There are a lot of similarities between us in that we buy and large sell the same product, work with similar clients, retailers and similar ways we process the cards, so there’s a lot we can learn from each other.”

John Driscoll – “That’s true. I would add that it’s great to share experiences and learn lessons on what went well and what to avoid!”

What languages does SVM as a wider business use?

Chris - “We develop using Microsoft technologies, C# and Microsoft SQL server as a database engine and all the relevant web technologies that come with that. We develop using the MVC patterns and structures using JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap plus the usual HTML and CSS technologies. That is our core structure at the moment, but in this business we have to move with the times and learn to adapt to new technologies and keep up to date when relevant.”

Why is tech so important for what SVM Global do?

John– “Fundamentally the business is about moving money and information around, a stored value product, so technology is always at the core of that.”

Chris – “Absolutely. I would also say that during our short history we've gone from vouchers to Gift Cards and now Gift Cards to eCodes, so a big part of our business is the digital delivery of codes, so technology is important for delivery and dispatching in that area. Also the technology is important in maintaining and improving so we provide a more efficient service in delivering the plastic cards we use at the moment. Technology is a growing area of our business, we’re delivering not just products but solutions, and those solutions need to be built, and this is the area we will be competing with when we look at the rest of the market.”

Can you talk about any particular kinds of technology that have made a big impact and where the effects have been here?

Chris – “I think for us it’s in the improving area of web development and the ability to apply our applications across the web and across mobile devices too. Obviously the introduction here of a central ERP system that we can funnel all the orders through and manage the business around has made a big impact.”

John– “In the USA we've just released a portal that lets our business customers order online, it’s been something that’s getting some great traction and frees up our sales team to do more consultative and pro-active sales as opposed to being more order and reactive driven.”

How do you see the tech department looking next year?

Chris - “I think the UK will see the most growth - in just a short period our tech team has grown from just 2 people to 14, so as the company grows, the tech department will need to grow with it to provide the structure and support – it’s a great place to be and we’re always looking for strong technical talent.”

If you’re interested in technology roles, speak to us! Email talent@svmglobal.com or visit our Careers page for more information. To learn more about SVM cards based in Illinois, please visit www.svmcards.com

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