12:00 AM, 04 13, 2016

SVM Global's Dan Tackles London Marathon - For the 3rd Time!

The London Marathon - would you run it?

26.2 miles long, sometimes in the rain, requiring extreme dedication to not only getting through the race, but through each training session.  It's a feat that daunts many - but not SVM Global's Sales Director Daniel Nugent. He is lacing up his fancy running shoes for his 6th marathon and 3rd time tackling London. To celebrate his veteran status, we grabbed him for a quick interview on what's ahead of him....

You've run marathons before - what's your latest goal? 

This will be my 6th marathon in total – the 3rd time I’ve done London. My best time to date is 2.57.08 which was set last year in Manchester, so I’m hoping to beat that - but it’s a tough challenge!

What’s it like on the day?

Running the London Marathon is a unique experience, unlike any other race I have done before. The atmosphere is incredible, from the other spectators and the supporting crowds. Every step of the 26.2 miles of the course is lined with spectators urging you on, the support is incredible and really helps when the going gets tough. It can also actually get quite emotional when you are seeing the effort some of the runners are going to in support charities in the memory of loved ones.

What will you eat in the morning of the run?

It will be an early start on race day and I’m unlikely to have much of an appetite but it’s important to take fuel on board. I will probably try to get some porridge and/or cereal down before I set off. I always have a couple of bananas an hour or so before a race so it’s become a bit of a ritual that I must do before any event now!

What’s the best costume you have ever seen?

There are so many great costumes that I’ve seen it becomes almost impossible to pick one out as the best, I’ve seen everything from bananas, superheroes, cartoon characters and plenty of mankinis!
There is always something you see on race day that will make you wonder 'how on earth do they they run in that?!'

What will you be wearing?

See above! Just joking, I’ll be in looking like a fairly normal runner in running vest and shorts. I’ll have my name plastered across my chest as it really does help when strangers in the crowd call your name and cheer you on.

How far are your training runs?

I’ve run up to 24 miles in training this year which is as much as most plans recommend. Some weeks my total mileage has been 60 + miles.

Is it true you ‘hit a wall’ when running a marathon?

Sometimes, It’s happened to me once. It can be avoided though with the right level of training and mental preparation. It's as much in the mind as it in in the physical task.

Do you have any tips for anyone new to running or interested in the marathon?

Do it and enjoy it. It’s all about listening to your body and not doing too much too soon otherwise your body will reject it and you will pick up an injury. Oh, and get some decent running shoes too!

Will you be taking any music?

I’ve trained with music and have some great playlists to keep me battling through the lonely miles. However at an event like London I wouldn’t recommend listening to music as you will miss out on so much of the atmosphere and energy rest of the runners and the crowd.

Don't forget to tune in to the London Marathon on the day! The start time of the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 is 10:00 on Sunday 24 April.​ You can donate to Dan and support Bluebell Wood here: https://www.justgiving.com/Daniel-Nugent

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